The Sims Turns 14

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441 Million seconds. 5,113 Days. 14 Years.

Can you believe it? The Sims is now 14 years old. That’s right, The Sims came out on February 4, 2000 in North America and to celebrate this momentous date, we are declaring today “Wear a Plumbob Day” around the world; and we are giving all players of The Sims 3 a Stuff Pack* to thank them for all of their wonderful support. Read on to find out more about both!

Let’s take a quick moment to reflect on the past 14 years of The Sims. Did you know that we were the answer to a question on Teen Jeopardy, or that we were once featured in the New York Times Crossword puzzle? In 2005 the French postal service gave us our own postage stamp; and who could forget the amazing Glass House in Belgium where we put our fans in control of a real life family? The Sims continues to be a part of everyday life and we owe much of that success to the many incredible fan sites, as well as the wonderful YouTubers and Let’s Players that continue to pop up every single day.

What inspired us to create The Sims? The simple answer would be “You.” At Maxis we thrive off of the quirky, unexpected moments that make each day worth living. It’s all about making our virtual little people fun reflections of the people that we see around us all the time. They’re us, they’re you.


And that gets me to my next point: today is all about You. You’ve spent 14 years playing our games and we’ve spent 14 years being fueled by your creativity. Each day marks hundreds of more creations uploaded to The Sims 3 Exchange, stories shared on our Forums and experiences posted to our social channels, and it’s your excitement that drives us each and every day.

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