Valentines from the SimGurus!

It is almost Valentines again! And we have the perfect give-away for this card-giving holiday. Last August I had the opportunity to check out The Sims 4 in Cologne Germany.

And because we wanted to be able to get something out of it for you too, we asked the SimGurus there to sign and draw some postcards. And they did! SimGuruHydra (who sadly left the Sims team) even took some cards with her to The Sims studios and asked a few more people to sign the cards.

And here we are, nearing Valentines. Seems like the perfect timing to gift some cards right?

This an empty postcard:

Back:achterkant PS

The SimGurus each answered the questions and drew a little something Simsy for you.
What do you have to do to win one of these cards:

Tell us in a comment what the perfect romantic Sim date would be. Be creative, this can be an actual real life date that has Sims in it. Or it can be a date in The Sims. Please mention your twitter or Facebook handle too.

Tweet, Facebook or Send us a screenshot of said date, or make a moodboard of some sort. We will retweet/share your entries too! Deadline is February 7th 2015, 8pm GMT Extended to February 14th, 8pm GMT!!!

We have a card to give away from each of the following SimGurus:
(they share a card)

A sneak peak at their artworks!
Simguru postcards
After the competition closes on February 7th at 8pm GMT Extended to February 14th, 8pm GMT!!!, we’ll choose [6] winners, and each winner will receive a random card from a SimGuru.

If you win, you will not know which card you will get before hand, that way itโ€™s still an โ€˜anonymousโ€™ Valentines card ๐Ÿ™‚

Author: Lebanna

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  1. My perfect date would be just a night of hanging out with however my bae would be :3

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  2. A friend of mine created the sim of my crush, I think the perfect date with him would be our Sims sitting in the living room of their new, sweet little home and watching a movie ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. My perfect date would be going for a stroll in the park on snowflake day eve while snowing :3

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  4. What a lovely idea,and such a wonderful prize too!

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    • You are not entering?

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      • A great Sim date would have ice skating, or rollerblading for fun interacting, followed by lunch and coffee as time to get to know eachother.

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  5. I think the perfect date would be is you go to the new camping world you bring your one love and you lay out a picnic blanket with a cooler beside it then firefly are dancing around their heads as the sims make out and enjoy each others sweet company then before they leave he dip kisses her and that’s what my perfect date would be

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  6. The perfect date for me would be in the world of a Sunset Valley, me and my partner would watch a (most probably horrible) romantic comedy and then we’d go to the fast food diner for some good old burgers and fries. Then after that, we’d head off to the beach, watch the motion of the ocean and it’s waves lapping over each other, talk about life, get all romantic and maybe kiss. That’d be a perfect date. If all else fails, we’d head off to the bowling arcade for some smile fun!

    Twitter: @Jacob_Frittata

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  7. The perfect date? Easy. Spend as little as possible and just enjoy each others company. <3

    Twitter: LeeCoxall

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  8. The perfect date would be the one that ends up with the person you spend your life with full of love!

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  9. twitter: @_christiana001_

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  10. The perfect date is..a memorable date.He recreated the date when he first said he loves her ?
    Twitter: @izabela_pt

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  11. My perfect date would be watching the sun set over the ocean in the hands of the one I love.
    Twitter: @simscomplete

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  12. For me the perfect Sim date is taking my Sims out to enjoy the natural beauty of the world. While night clubs and parks are fun to visit, it’s often nice to just take them out of the way and let them be alone together.

    I posted a picture of a recent date my Sims had on Twitter ๐Ÿ˜€

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  13. My favourite date? Nothing too over the top, just a nice time with my date and I. As long as we are together it’d be great! A nice time together would probably start by going out – for a meal or just into town for a little while, aimlessly wandering. Then we’d go back home and play a bit of Sims Forever together (we both love Sims Forever). But, then, my date always just mysteriously leaves for no reason. It always seems to happen at the same time, and then I always find a rose or something in my pocket. I found 37 carrots in there once! Hmm, isn’t being a Sim odd at times.

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  14. I believe the perfect Valentine’s Date is two Sims at home playing The Sims in their office. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Twitter: @SimsVIP

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  15. A romantic Sim date would involve rollerskating fun to break the ice, followed by a romantic meal where the Sims can tal and get to know eachother.

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