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We have downloads!

Our first few downloads are available in our Sims 3 forum.

The forum is a temporary home until we get out submissions system up and running.

If you want to add your own files, start a new thread giving a description of what you’re uploading, and add a note about what games you have installed and any CC you’ve used.

Then under attach files, you can add your sims3pack file and any pics.  If you want your images to appear in the post, rather than at the bottom, use the”place inline” option.

Some tips

  • All Downloads should be pg13
  • Please keep images to a maximum of 800×600.
  • Avoid over-use of photoshop on your previews – including effects such as lens-flare – previews should be a good reflection of what you see in game.
  • Make sure any CC that is not included in the file is listed so downloaders can find it
  • You can have a maximum of 6 attachments per post, including the sims3pack file, so it’s best to have just one or two downloads per post.

All posts will be moderated before publishing so you won’t see your thread straight away, don’t panic!

If we need you to change anything before publishing, we’ll contact you.

Want to upload for Sims 1 or Sims 2?  Just follow the same guidelines in the corresponding forum!