Showtime Guides: Genies

Genies are the new Special Creatures that come with the Showtime expansion pack. As a genie should, he or she grants you wishes! Finding the lamp can be very tricky or you can ‘cheat’ and use life time happiness points, see the following paragraph:

How to find the Genie Lamp

Before a Genie can grant any wishes, you must first find a Dusty Old Lamp in which a Genie resides. There are four different ways your Sim can acquire a Dusty Old Lamp:

  • Catacombs: Go to the Mausoleum at Lidview Cemetery and choose the Explore Catacombs interaction. There is a small chance that among all the loot you can find in the catacombs, you can find the lamp!

Dimensional Gate

  • Enter Dimensional Gate: To create a dimensional Gate you have to max out the Handiness Skill, then you can upgrade the PlasmaPunch Gyroscopic Conductor with a Dimensional Gate. To successfully completely a dimensional gate ‘quest’ you also need logic skill (my Sim had lvl 5 and it seemed to be enough to never get bad choices any more). Whenever you use the gate there is a chance you come back with a dusty old lamp!
  • Performance Gift: You can get an anonymous admirer after a gig, he or she will then send you the lamp which you can pick up in your mailbox.
  • Lifetime Reward: By far the easiest way is to just get the lamp as a lifetime Reward, it costs 30000 Lifetime Happiness Points.

The lamp shows up in your Sims’ inventory, but you can also place it in your home. If you do place it somewhere, other Sims in your household can summon the genie and make a wish.

Note: So far we at platinumsimmers have only found the lamp as a Lifetime Reward, but a guru has verified that you can find it the other ways too, so we have just not been lucky enough yet!


Oooo Scary!

You get 3 wishes from the Genie, but you can only ask for one ever 24 (sim)hours, patience is a virtue after all 😉

You can free the genie! Doing this adds the Genie to your household and you can play him/her like a regular Sim! You do need a good relationship with the Genie before you can wish for this.

See the following table for the effects of each wish.

Note: In my personal game the lamp did not disappear after using up the three wishes, so I got another 3 wishes! (This article was written on 14 March 2012, it will be updated if a Patch fixes this)

Genie Wishes

BeautySupposedly permanently increases chance of success for all Romantic social interactions. Cannot be wished for twice. – unverified.
HappinessGain the Eternal Joy moodlet (+25) permanently. Cannot be wished for twice.
FortuneAdd §100,000 to Household Funds.
Free the GenieGain Free the Genie opportunities, the genie is set “free” after completing this opportunity. He or She becomes a member of your household.
Large FamilyGain the Feeling Fertile moodlet until the next Try for Baby interaction. Results in triplets when Try for Baby interaction is chosen.
Long LifeExtend your lifespan by 30 days. Cannot be wished for twice. – unverified my own sim didn’t gain 30 days.
LoveMake any Sim fall in love with you. Gain the Enchanted Love moodlet (+12) for 24 Simhours.
More WishesWish for another wish. Supposedly a rare chance of getting two extra wishes – unverified.
Resurrect SimResurrect a dead Sim to become a member of the household.
World MiseryMust have Evil trait. Gain the Miserable moodlet (+25) for 2 days.
World PeaceAvailable to Sims without Evil trait. Gain the Peaceful moodlet (+25) for 2 days.

Freeing the genie

To free the genie you have to finish 4 opportunities:
1: Freeze the lamp – Click on the refrigerator > Freeze the lamp
2: Heat the lamp – Click on a stove (or microwave?) > Heat the lamp
3: Explore Catacombs with the Lamp – Go to the cemetery, click on the mausoleum > Take the Lamp Underground
4: Free the Genie – Summon the Genie and its free!

“Free” actually means he/she becomes a part of your family like a regular Sim!