Showtime Guides: Singer Career

Vocally talented Sims with a passion for the spotlight can work their way up to superstar status as a Singer!

Humble Beginnings, performing for tips

Career Facts

Recommended Traits

  • Ambitious
  • Charismatic
  • Diva
  • Natural Born Performer
  • Social Butterfly
  • Virtuoso


Not recommended Traits

  • Absent Minded
  • Clumsy
  • Coward
  • Loser


Work Location

Gigs: Park, Coffeehouse, Live show venue, Private venue and Big show venu

Play for tips: Can be done everywhere, but would recommend a busy location like a park.



Singer with the Guitar

You do not need to build up any skills for the singer career, there is only the hidden singer/entertainment skill. This skill you build up naturally by performing for tips or on stage (or practicing the different songs yourself). If you cheat your way to the top, will not  be a good performer without practice.

However, it is recommended for all the performer careers to up your charisma skill, that way you can talk to the audience during a performance and get a nice performance boost.

Note: There is a nice quirk in Showtime, while performing for tips you get a LOT of friendship from all the Sims watching you. Great way to gain friends for the friendship requirement for the Charisma skill.

As a singer you can also play with a guitar on stage! This is not a requirement for a good performance but it can give nice shots. For a level 10 singer, a level 1 guitar skill was already enough to get 5 songs with the guitar.

How to get the job

Via newspaper or computer, use the ‘find a profession’ option. You can also find a proprieter on one of the community lots, you can get the career through them too.


Work Week


In the beginning you will spend a lot of time delivering sing-a-grams and playing for tips.

At a higher level you can have a gig every night.

Do not forget about Simport, you Sim can get spend 12h of their Simday on tour too!



  • Deliver Sing-A-Grams
  • Perform for Tips
  • Get Gigs



Singers get a weekly stipend, see this table, in the beginning the stipend helps but the most money they get from gigs, tips and sing-a-grams.

Note: When your singers have reached level 4 in their careers they can start to sell albums, this only earns you 25 simoleons but mostly it gives you wishes to sell more and more, which in turn gives you lifetime happiness points

Singer Career Fact table

LevelTitleWeekly StipendXP Needed to AdvanceOutfit/Object UnlocksSong UnlocksInteraction Unlocks
1Sing-A-Gram Novice§275 400Outfit 1One More Grey Day*Social: Celebration Sing-A-Gram, Cheer Up Sing-A-Gram
2Sing-A-Gram Pro §340 500Outfit 2Oogie FeverSocial: Romantic Sing-A-Gram
3Talented Amateur §400 600 –New Glitz*Social: You Are Special Sing-A-Gram
4Local Favorite §532 700Outfit 3Maybe It’s Better This Way*Social: Sell Album
5Local Phenomenon§640 800Outfit 4It Hurts Both Ways*Social: Talk About Vocal Skills
6Rising Star §840 900 Front Stage KitDon’t Say ‘Not Now!’*Song Boost: Make a Pose
7Headliner §1,160 1,000 –Hot and FoxySong Boost: Make a Pose 2
8Star §1,480 1,200 Outfit 5Wig Wig WagSong Boost: Kisses to the Crowd
9Superstar §2,000 1,400 Outfit 6Freeing MyselfSong Boost: Make a Pose 3
10Vocal Legend §3,600 1,600 –We’re Moving SlowSong Boost: Flourish

* These songs can be performed also with a guitar, you need at least level 1 guitar skill and the guitar in your inventory.

Specific Singer – Badges and Achievements

Going for the GoldHave a Sim sell 25 Singer Albums
Sing it Again, SimEarn §20,000 in tips as a Singer
Ta-Da!Have your Singer Sim perform each Sing-A-Gram 15 times
Winner in the Park!Have your Singer, Magician, or Acrobat Sim win a Sim Fest in a Park


Singer performing a Romantic Sing-A-Gram.

Sing-a-Grams are telegrams in well, singing form. This really makes the singer career a bit easier in the beginning compared to the other performance careers, they can earn real money from the start and not just rely on tips.

You will get a popup that you can perform a sing-a-gram and either want to go perform the job or ignore it. If you ignore it, the sing-a-grams do not go away, they will show up on the world map as profession actions where you can do them, so you can save them up and when you have a free few hours, perform them in a row.

The amount of Simoleons you earn varies depending on your career level but amount of XP stays the same:

Types of Sing-A-Grams

TypeUnlockXP Reward
CelebrationLevel 130
Cheer-UpLevel 230
RomanticLevel 340
You Are SpecialLevel 445


Gigs are your main source of income, you can earn up to 27k per gig (excluding bonus for excellent/legendary performance)! However the performance part of a gig is a bit tougher with a Singer than with the other careers, you cannot pause the game and line up all the actions that will fill the completely 2 hours.

How to get a Gig

You have to be at least level 2 before you can audition for gigs, with a singer this is quite easy to get as you can perform sing-a-grams.

Then you can audition for a gig, you can find the proprieter on the world map, he or she has an orange icon. You start with only be allowed to perform at the park, as your level increases you can open up more locations, see the following table.

Performance Locations

Career LevelLocation
level 2Big Park
Level 3Coffeehouse
Level 5Live Show Venues
Level 7Private Venues
Level 8Big Show Venues

Tip: When you are a high level in your career, go to the world map and you will see many propieter icons, click them all and line up all the different auditions in a row to quickly get a lot of gigs.

Note: For Big Show Venues you cannot always line up the audition by clicking on the orange person icon from the world map. You will have to go to the lot itself and summon the propierter out of their building and then ask to to audition.

Stage Setup

When you are low on funds just use the venue setup, as you get more money it is worth investing into your own stage setup to increase your performance score. The higher the score the bigger the chance of a steady gig, steady gigs pay much better than One-off gigs.


At the start of the performance its best to pause the game, as a singer you can choose a song you want to perform, unpause the game for a moment so that the song options show up. Performing a song consists of a 5 parts, Intro (started automatically) Verse, Chorus, Break, and End. You can choose the interactions yourself or let the song flow naturally through these parts. However, when you are a higher level singer you can choose a pose, kisses to the crowd or flourish to increase your song boost. I have not yet found a magic rythmn to performance, but I would suggest lining up: Verse, Chorus, Pose, Kisses or Flourish and then end yourself and see if it gets you a good response.

Another option you have is to talk to the audience, only do this if your charisma is high otherwise you are just telling a boring story. Also do this only after you have ended a song, otherwise you are just breaking up the song – losing performance score.

Gig Earnings

While you would think that steady gigs always earn you more than one-off gigs, read the following tables carefully. When you are a higher level you get less money at a steady gig at the ‘lower level’ locations (park/coffeehouse) than you do when you have a one-off gig, but you can earn astronomely more at the big venue location with a steady gig. So be careful what gigs you choose!

One-off Gig

LevelWeekly Stipend (§)ParkCoffee-HouseLive ShowPrivateBig Show


Steady Gig

LevelWeekly Stipend (§)ParkCoffee-HouseLive ShowPrivateBig Show

Cheat Sheet to a Good Performance

This cheat sheet is made with a lvl 10 singer, but can be translated to earlier levels.

1: With the Singer set up your stage (use props!)
2: Then select a song to play (personally I always start with We’re Moving Slow as that is the last song you get, maybe its the best? No data on this but doesn’t hurt!)
3: Pause game
4: Line Up: Sing Verse > Sing Chorus > Flourish > End Song
5: Select Talk to Audience (get at least lvl 5 Charisma skill)
6: Let the performance play out
7: As soon as the Sim is talking instead of singing, go back to steps 2-6. I do usually replace flourish with kisses to crowd during the second song.

My Sim always gets an excellent or legendary performance. If your Sim is lower level and does not have flourish yet, either use ‘kisses to the crowd’ or ‘make a pose’ or leave it out.