The Sims Medieval Tradinator

If you need to know how to get some of the items in The Sims Medieval, this is the tool for you. Simply enter the item you need in the box below (eg. if you want to know how to get unicorn horn just enter "unicorn horn"). Then click the "Get Trades" button, and the Tradinator will look up all the possible ways of acquiring that item.

Some metals and stones can only be mined by the blacksmith or the wizard, so if you do not have one of these active you will have to either buy the metal or stone from the Village Shoppe, or wait until you are doing a quest with an active blacksmith or wizard. Costs and profits given are the base values, before any adjustments for haggler trait or benefits from allied territories. Item type is the basic type of the item, but some items will also have special functions within quests.