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Community Creations: Bridges & Tunnels Mod

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SCTweak allows you to manually add overpasses (bridges) and tunnels to your city. I was able to play around with this modification for a bit to see how it works, and it worked the way I imagined it would. I do have a few complaints, but I still think the mod is worth the download! It doesn’t use the road guides the way I would like it to, and it isn’t really friendly with the curved and curvy road tools. Other than those small complaints, I highly suggest you check it out if you’re interested in placing bridges and tunnels in your city where...

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Community Creations: 3 Awesome SimCity Videos

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We’ve been stalking the Internet looking for awesome SimCity creations made by the community, and we stumbled across these 3 great videos. Remember you can share your own creations through our Facebook fan page or by tweeting us with the hastag #platinumsimcity. Video by MrBran4   Video by Calvin Chan   Video by...

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Platinum SimCity: Share Your Creations With Us!

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Hello, Mayors! I’m here to introduce our new Community Creations section of our blog. We want to share your screenshots, videos, and mods! There are a lot of creative people out there who are going unnoticed, and we want to bring some more attention to those Mayors. If you don’t have anything creative to share, now is your chance to get your creativity flowing! Don’t be shy. You can share your photos, videos, and mods through our Facebook fan page, or by tweeting us with the hastag #platinumsimcity. We’re excited to see what you share with...

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