Academics: A Guide to Making the Grade and Q&A

Yay some Sims 3 News, I like that in The Sims 3 University Life we do not just get the academic part just in a rabbit hole like The Sims 2 University.


Tuesdays and Thursdays your Sim will get out of the classroom for a more interactive academic experience. Grab your Sim an organic brew or energy drink from Roasted Toasted Beans Coffee Shop and head over to the Student Union for a lecture! This is a chance for your Sim to interact with the professor as they impart vital knowledge to eager minds. Ask questions, take notes, and soak up some academic goodness as the professor illustrates theories on the whiteboard! (Or sleep in your chair to make up for the wild party the night before). For Sims who want hands-on learning in a group environment, class activities give your Sim the chance to use academic objects to gain practical knowledge related to their major. Gather with your classmates around campus and break out everything from sketchbooks to skeletons to expand your Sim’s mind!

Full blog: http://www.thesims3….l?blogid=482158

With last week's SimCity news we did not post this blog yet, but its a really good read:


Q: What is the shortest amount of time a Sim can stay at the university? Can you customize how long Sims can attend college?
A: The shortest amount of time a Sim can stay at university is one Sim week and the longest amount of time is two Sim weeks. You are able to customize your stay by selecting one or two terms (one term = one Sim week, two terms = two Sims weeks).

Full blog: http://www.thesims3….l?blogid=481223

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