Beginner’s Commercial Building Tutorial – Part I

So you have decided to try your hand at building commercial lots, well as a lot type they can be easier to build than residential, but have their own unique challenges. First off you have to remember that some items cannot be placed into a commercial lot (a good example of this is vehicles). Secondly there are the designations that apply to the various lots. There is also the issue of whether or not it will be a rabbit hole lot.

So, let’s start off with some of the basics. In figure 1 (below) we have the Edit Town shot. To enter this you need to click on the ‘…’ icon and the following list will pop up. Go to edit town and click.

Fig 1

In fig. 2 (below) you see the primary lot indicators that you will see when you enter Edit Town mode. I have labelled each of the 5 primary icons.

Fig 2

As you can see the icon for a commercial lot sort of looks like a park bench and for an empty lot it is that bench on a square. Say you don’t have a lot size available that you wish to use for the lot you want to build but there is an empty residential lot that is the size you need. You can change the lot type over using the following steps.

Fig 3

First click on the lot you want to adjust. This will bring up a pop-up (fig. 3) that will allow you to modify the lot in a few different ways. The icon on the far left of the pop up is the Change Lot Type function. Click on it

Fig 4

Next you see the pop up for the two types of lots that are available (fig. 4), you will want to choose community if this was a residential lot to begin with. When you do that the drop down list ‘Choose a lot type’ becomes active. This is where it becomes interesting. As you see in fig. 5 (below) there are quite a few different lot types to choose from. Let’s discuss each of them so that you know you are choosing the correct type for the lot you wish to build.

Fig 5