Catching up with a Busy Sims week

It has been a busy week here in The Sims 3 land, including the awesome Maxis Live Broadcast. But it has been relatively quiet here on PS, this is due to my real life stealing all my time away from the internet: computer problems (my poor PC is in the repair shop), me being poorly too and job-hunting which will always come first. With this post I am catching up with all last weeks news, ty to SimsVip for some of these links!


We have a new blog that talks about the aliens and Graham Nardone has been talking on twitter about Aliens too. They sound much better than the The Sims 2 version. More powerful.

Link to the blog: http://www.thesims3….l?blogid=459390

Some more info from twitter:
Aliens are not under the population controls, they show up sometimes in your world and rarely (but does happen) abduct your Sim:

Aliens have their own types of names:

Adding an alien to your household is not as hard as a unicorn:

Alien and Sims can reproduce, good chance the first generation will be aliens too, interesting this implies its different than with occult/regular Sims where its a straight 50/50 chance:

Aliens are not allowed to have plastic surgery:

Males do not realise they are pregnant until the baby appears:

Weather Stone

Weather stone is a unique object that combines the Supernatural expansion pack with the Seasons pack, it will allow your Supernaturals to cast unique weather.

Official blog:


Vampires will be able to summon a cold Eclipsing Fog that puts other Sims under their spell. Sims who are generally unwilling to be turned, or used as a snack, can’t help but fall under the effects of the Eclipsing Fog and allow vampires to turn or drink them.

Fairies are more adept with nature and have their own ability to summon a Reviving Sprinkle. The Reviving Sprinkle turns rain into flowers. Plants will be magically watered and fertilized, killing off weeds and making them disappear. The fairy magic doesn’t end there! At the end of a Reviving Sprinkle, a beautiful rainbow will appear across the sky.

The ferociousness of werewolves allows them to summon their own mystical powers through the Weather Stone. The Hunter’s Storm snows down collectibles onto the ground and increases their chances of finding rare items.

Witches will be able to call forth a Bewitching Rain that showers the world with green precipitation. This will make all Sims start to act a bit crazy. Sims who are under the rain will get a boost to their mood and have an uncontrollable urge to dance. Talk about an easy way to get everyone to participate in a rain dance!

A lot of info about it in this blog:…-weather-stone/

NA Promo to buy seasons and supernatural together:

You can win The Sims 3 Seasons at Gamezone, you have to capture their exclusive Seasons screenshot:

The Sims Official Magazine

The Sims Official Magazine has launched their very own website, it includes a trailer with a glimpse of the content the magazine has. You can also sign up to be alerted as soon as the magazine is released.
Its for iOS and Android, no word on a kindle or web version and it will be free :)
The Sims Official Magazine
Personally I am not sure what this magazine is going to add to the community that we do not already have. We will of course post a review when the magazine is released :)

Monte Vista

During the Maxis Live Broadcast they announced a new world was going to be released in the chat soon,


The Sims 3 Store also took the spotlight and unveiled The Sims 3 Monte Vista, the newest digital world from The Sims 3. In The Sims 3 Monte Vista, players will discover a landscape rich with charm, culture, sweeping views and hilltop villas. Players can also visit renowned museums, stroll through the piazza or practice their culinary skills using a wood-fire oven. This world features new Sims and new locations plus dozens of all-new exclusive objects and clothing. The Sims 3 Monte Vista will be available this winter.

According to EA France it will be released in December, Sims VIP and SimCookie found a released date on Monte Vista

Simsvip has screengrabs on their site:…te-vista-world/

The Sims 3 70’s, 80’s & 90’s stuff pack

So far we have the logo and a few screengrabs from the broadcast:…-official-logo/…-80s-90s-stuff/

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