Every Expansion Pack Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to use the features from every expansion pack you own, in 1 single Sim! It is a challenge that will make you play the entire game again, not just the last expansion pack.

The purpose of this challenge is to use the features from every expansion pack you own, in 1 single Sim. You are not allowed to cheat and have aging off, but you can have a long lifetime. Another twist is that the challenge starts with a baby! You cannot CAS him/her, but has to be born in the game. Two reasons for this, first is to give you the chance to get an imaginary friend and second that you not always have influence on the Sim’s traits, keeping it a challenging challenge.

You have to do, at least, one challenge from the base game and every expansion pack you own. You can of course do more if you like.

Quick summary on how to start

* Decide which goals you want to attempt. You can choose as many or as few as you like, and you can always change your mind later, but remember that by the end of the Sim's lifetime you should have done at least 1 base game goal and at least 1 goal for each expansion pack you own.
* Make or pick a family in the game, have them get a child you want to play the challenge with. Either grow him/her up well and pick the traits yourself or let the game pick for you. (You do not have to use the first child, can also decide to use the 2nd child if you do not like the look of the first one). If you pick the traits yourself, use traits from different expansion packs!
* As soon as your Sim is an adult have him/her move out to accomplish the challenges on their own and without the parents perks.
* Finish all the challenges


This challenge is currently in beta, we need feedback! The things we need feedback on:
* Which challenges you think are (too) difficult and (too) easy.
* How many points each challenge should earn, more difficult challenges earning more of course.
* We want many more challenge options for each expansion pack.
* Lifetime length, we have found that the suggested lifetime is too long.
* We would also like suggestions for simoleon amounts that we have not filled in yet (like sell a certain simoleons worth of ghosts)



You need to use a Sim born in game for this challenge, no CAS for him/her! You can CAS the parents of course.


Over the course of the game, from child to adult when you can choose traits make sure you use them from different EPs! We allow you to have the first two traits from the basegame. We have a list here that tells you which EP which trait is from. If you did not take good care of your Sim then you cannot pick the trait, then just accept what the game gave you.


There are many ways to cheat in The Sims 3, actual cheats in game or by the use of mods. We want this challenge to be a challenge, therefore the main rule is do not use cheats or mods to tweak: money, skills, relationships or careers. Work on these steps the way the game was meant to be played, but lifetime rewards are not cheats, so do not forget about them, they make your Sim's life easier.

The parent Sims can raise your Sim really well and you can finish goals while growing up, but the parents should not give your Sim insane amount of perks. Like the parents should not give your Sim a lot of presents that the Sim can then later sell or use to make their life easier, keep the challenge in this challenge!


First day of adulthood your Sim has to move out of their parents house, so that they have to really work hard on goals and not use any perks their parents money gave them. It does not matter if they move to a legacy type lot or an empty house, they do have to start out living alone!

Growing up

Manage your lifetime well, some goals can be done while growing up!

Making it Easier

There is no restriction that you have to use the first kid a family makes, that way you have a bit of leniency when it comes to your kids traits or appearance. For instance in my practise family I wanted to do the challenge with a daughter, but my Sim Parents first got a son, so I had them get another kid, turned out to be twins… but included a daughter!

Do not forget about the lifetime rewards, the no bills reward is a great one!

We suggest about 253 Total Sims days for your Sim's Lifespan in this challenge, you are free to pick how many days each lifetime is (child/teen/adult). These lifespan settings are the ones we used in our tests but they do seem a bit too long, this is something we can use the most feedback on as eventually we plan to use the Total Sims days in point calculations.

You can use whichever world you like, however we strongly recommend the StoryBrook County world created by My Sim Realty for this challenge, it is a gorgeous world with a lot of space for your Sims, if you have Showtime you do have to place the venues yourself, but luckily the world builders provided some beautiful Showtime lots purpose-built for the lots around Storybrook!

Sharing your Challenge!

We would love to see how you get along with your challenge, create your own thread in this forum.
Post screenshots of every step and tell us which challenge you like the best! And if your Sim is misbehaving we would also like to see that!

Base game:
Have at least 3 challenges done in the collecting skill journal.
Have 5 skills at lvl 10 (extra points for anything extra)
Ghost Baby
Reach lvl 10 in a basegame career (see this page which are basegame)
Steal 100 items (If you have the klepto trait)
Marry 5 times (double points if you have generations or late night)

World adventures:
Visa lvl 3 from one destination
Visa lvl 3 from all destinations
Get your own mummy
Make 150 bottles of nectar
Complete 8 out of 9 relic collections
Take a picture that is valued at least x
Complete entire Photography collection
Make 10 Gem Skulls (video on how to make one is coming soon!)

20 Sculptures
Get a Simbot without spending any lifetime rewards points
get a timemachine baby
Sell x$ of ghosts
Have done 100 stakeouts
Have done 50 home redecorations
Rescue x amount of Sims
Have done 50 makeovers

Late Night:
lvl 5 Celebrity
become a vampire (old fashioned way)
mixology challenge
Have gone on 50 dates
Get 20 freebies as a Celebrity
Get publicly disgraced 20 times

Invent all 12 potions
Have an imaginary friend be real
Complete 4 midlife crisis wishes during a midlife crisis
As a teen do 25 pranks
Cheat 20 times on a partner
Send 7 kids to boarding school

Adopt a stray
Win an international cross country competition
Have every type of small animal
Have a unicorn foal by befriending a wild unicorn and then have a unicorn foal
Have 4 puppies or kittens at the same time

lvl 10 career in 1 of the professions
lvl 10 in all 3 professions
Perform 50 sing-a-grams
Earn *an amount* in tips
Get a Genie, and free it from the lamp, without using a Lifetime Reward to buy a genie lamp

To do:
info text for each challenge
figure out max value for a photograph
skill pages