Feeling Lucky? A Gambler's guide

If you’ve bought the Lucky Strike Casino or the gold edition of Lucky Palms, you’ll have found the new Slot Machine premium content. This simple, but addictive gaming machine allows your sim to win big, or lose everything.

There are three basic options available to sims at all times, along with a couple of bonus options. These allow you to choose your stake – in other words, how much are you willing to risk. Low stakes gives you a starting fund of §50, medium stakes gives you §100 and high stakes §300. Your bet amounts also increase from low §5, to medium §10 and high §30.Your stake is set to one side, so no further funds will come off the household funds until your sim comes off the slot machine. The cost of each play comes off this stake and any winnings are added to it. Likewise, if your Sim’s stake is all used up, they’ll add a fresh stake and start again.While your sim is playing, hover over the action in the queue. This will show what game they’re playing and their total funds available, including any winnings. Once you cancel off the action, the amount shown is credited back to the household funds.Rewards can be huge, my sim made around §40,000 in a few days, but just remember, it’s called gambling for a reason! Not every sim will win big!If you also have the Lucky Palms wishing well, you’ll have a further option, play Lucky Coin Stakes, worth §1500 – to do this, your sim needs to steal a coin from the wishing well and hope it’s a lucky one.Computer Whizz sims also have the option to hack the machine and improve the odds of winning, as do those who are high enough in logic or handiness skills. Technophobes on the other hand will have their normal reaction to all things computerised!Screenshot-12.jpgWinning’s great, but it doesn’t always go your way. While The Sims is a game, gambling in real life can get out of hand and cause major problems. If you need advice for a real life problem, contact Gamblers Anonymous.