How to get a Unicorn in The Sims 3 Pets

Want to know how to get a unicorn in The Sims 3: Pets? Read on…

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Since we first found out there were unicorns in The Sims 3 Pets, EA were very shady about how exactly you got them. They kept it a secret, until the game came out. Well now we finally got our grubby little paws on Pets, we found out how to get a unicorn! Unicorns make an awesome addition to any family, with their special powers to extinguish fires, bless Sims and plants, and teleport, as well as being able to light fires, and curse Sims. Plus they can do everything regular horses can, too!

Note: if you want to cheat to get a unicorn fast, see the end of this post.

Can’t wait any longer to find out how to get a unicorn in The Sims 3 Pets? Neither can we, so here goes:

Pretty Black Unicorn

How to find a Unicorn

This is much easier if you choose a Sim with the animal lover trait – they love ALL pets not just cats, or dogs or horses. If you select a Sim with the animal lover trait, then on the neighbourhood at night (8pm to 5am) you’ll get a glowing area that shows there is a unicorn. There is around a 40% chance of the unicorn appearing every night. You might get lucky and see one the first night you look, or you may have to wait several nights. The important thing is to keep looking if you don’t find one right away

Note: the unicorn still has the same chance of showing up if you don’t have a Sim with the animal lover trait, but you won’t get the glowing area on map view, so they won’t be as easy to find.

The glow indicates that a unicorn is on the lot

The unicorn’s favourite places to appear are fishing spots, then beaches, then large parks, then small parks. In Appaloosa Plains, we keep finding the unicorn at the waterfall and at the water treatment fishing spot at night, between a few other wild horses. The unicorn can be black so not as easily spotted as a white unicorn.

Once you have a unicorn you can ride them!

How to Adopt a Unicorn

Adopting a unicorn is not as easy as it appears. Anyone who has tried to adopt the unicorn will surely have seen this image at least once:


The first step to adopting the unicorn is to become friends with it. It might take several nights to build the relationship up, plus the unicorn won’t show up every night, so this does take a lot of time. Then, an interaction appears to ask the unicorn to join your family. When you choose it, you may see a dialog like the image above.

There is a hidden skill in The Sims 3 Pets called “Wildlife Friend”. It has 6 levels, and in order for you to successfully adopt the unicorn, you must build this skill to level 6. But how can you build a skill you can’t even see? Well it’s not difficult, but what is difficult is to keep track of how high your skill is without mods.

If you want to do this without mods or cheating, just spend plenty of time interacting with deer and raccoons. Watch them, pet them, and it should only take a few days of stalking your local wildlife to gain level 6. Another interaction that seems to increase the wildlife skill is your Sim teaching a dog the hunting skill. Keep building the “Wildlife Friend” skill, and whenever you see the unicorn at night, go back to him/her and try again to adopt.

If you have Twallan’s Master Controller mod, you can check your Sim’s “Wildlife Friend” skill by clicking your Sim, choosing Nraas > Master Controller > Advanced > Skill Level, then scrolling to the bottom to see WildlifeFriend – Hidden. The number on the right tells you your current skill level – note that -0001 means you haven’t done anything that increases this skill yet, 0001 would be level 1, 0002 is level 2, and up to 0006 which is level 6.

How Save a Unicorn for future use

When you got your very own unicorn, you can go into Create a Pet mode by clicking on the unicorn > Saddle > Edit Saddle. There click on the unicorn’s portrait at the bottom and ‘Save Pet to Bin’.

How to save a unicorn to the bin

Now whenever you create a new household, you can choose your unicorn out of the bin! This unicorn will be just the same as if you had found it in game – powers and everything.

The bin in Create a Household

The Unicorn is in the horse bin!

Baby Unicorns!!

You can have baby unicorns! First, check whether your unicorn is male or female. Easiest way to get a baby unicorn is to buy a horse of the opposite gender from the equestrian centre and then have the unicorn and horse build a relationship to friend. Then one of the two can try for foal and the two pets will go to a box stall to woohoo.

Mommy, baby and daddy in the background.

Of course, if you have two unicorns, you can also breed the two unicorns as well as breeding a unicorn with a horse. Breeding a unicorn with a horse, there is a 50% chance the offspring will be a unicorn, whereas a unicorn with a unicorn gives 100% certainty that the offspring will be a unicorn.

I can’t be bothered, can I cheat?

Yes. Below is a Sims3Pack file which will make a male purple and black unicorn appear in your Sim bin. Simply download it, double-click it to install it, and it’ll show up in the Sim bin when you’re creating a new family. If you’re not sure where to look, check the last 2 pictures in the “How to save a Unicorn for future use” section to see where to load it from. Note that getting a unicorn this way will not fulfil “The Fairy Tale Finder” Lifetime Wish.

Click to download the unicorn

I’m bored of my unicorn

You can set your unicorn free into the wild, but you can’t sell it like you can with normal horses, or put it up for adoption like you can with other pets.

This site has some great facts about unicorns: Sims Cri – Unicorns