How To Share Your Downloads At Platinum Simmers

Platinum Simmers has a dedicated downloads section where you can share your content with other Simmers. It is completely free to share your downloads here, and more importantly, your creations will be free to download.

Here's how to upload your creations:

  • Sign up for an account, or log into your existing account. When you're logged in, go to the "Downloads" tab.
  • Navigate to the section you want to upload your file to, and click the "Upload file" button.
  • Click the "choose file" button under "Step 1", and browse to the item you wish to upload on your computer.
    Click the "attach file" button to upload it. Repeat for any other files you want to include with this download.
  • Under Step 2, repeat the same process to upload any screenshots of your creation. You must include at least one screenshot of your creation in the game. Please avoid using images which may be misleading about how your creation really looks, as this may slow down the approval process.
  • Under Step 3, give your creation a name. Optionally, you can also fill in some tags. These are keywords that people can search to find your creation. Then, enter a description. Try to provide as much information as possible to people who might want to download your creation.
  • Finally, fill in the extra information below the description box. This varies depending on the category you're uploading to, and there may not be any extra information to add, so read carefully.
  • That's it! You're done! Click the button at the bottom to submit your creation. Our staff will check your creation before publishing it. If there are any problems or any missing information, you will be contacted through PM to correct this information before publishing… otherwise, you will see your creation on the website very soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find a category to submit my creation to!
Our downloads system is relatively new and we're always adding new categories. If you can't find a category, just PM BlackGarden and ask her to add a new one. We'll happily add any extra categories that are needed, or point you to an existing category which would be suitable for your creation.

The website told me that my file is too big!
We have set these limits low to begin with, and will raise the limit per category, within reason, to allow people to upload almost anything. However, some creations, such as custom worlds, will need alternate hosting. If you have a custom world to share, we recommend that you upload it to the exchange, then link to your creation by choosing the "link to a file" option:

If you need help with the file size limits, please PM BlackGarden.

The website says that the file type I submitted is not allowed.
We have allowed what we think will be the required file types for each section of downloads, but we may have missed some. Please PM BlackGarden if you experience this error, and we'll expand the list of file types we can accept.

Any other problems? Just add a reply below!

Author: BlackGarden

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