Object Modelling jobs at The Sims Studios!

Can you make 3D objects, love The Sims and live in the USA? Have you thought about applying for a job at EA?
There are currently two positions open, Associate Modeler and Associate Object Modeler at The Sims Redwood Shores studio.


What skills does EA look for?
An 3d modeler must have a passion for creating new and innovative ideas. Their portfolio must demonstrate the following:

Show a good range of low polygon work to high polygon work
Drawings/sketches that display good traditional fundamentals
Very strong texturing skills, ranging from realistic to cartoony
Excellent sense of form, weight (mass), and volume
Good use of light and shadow
Breadth of artistic styles
An understanding of optimization
Excellent sense of scale and level of finish

Is that you? Go apply!
But I do want to stress, EA's system of rejection is the most heartless one I've seen, have a tough skin before applying. Their way of rejection is turning "Your application is being reviewed." to "Please review our website for other opportunities of interest." on their system, not even a standard email.

And if you are not a US citizen or have a green card, getting permission to work there is not easy, keep that in mind before applying as that alone is reason enough to reject. But applying is also a great reason to get your portfolio online! Do not be discouraged, just have a tough skin :)

Author: sww

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