Pirates and nobles First Impressions

The game starts off with a pretty new intro screen. By the time you get to the the new menu, you will see that the previously locked ambition is now unlocked.

This new ambition is called peacemaker and is 40 quest points. The platinum goal is to finish 10 war quests on platinum level and end the war.

Another thing you will notice is a new achievement level: “Pirates and Nobles Achievement Level” Inside the achievement book you will see quite a few new achievements, the special pirates and nobles one are indicated with a clashing-swords icon. We have updated our achievement guide with help of Parr: The Sims Medieval Achievement Guide.

When you start a new kingdom, you will notice there is no special pirate or noble throne room. This is unfortunate, but not unexpected. We will have to make a blueprint/examples for these thronerooms ourselves.

You will start off like usual with a creating a monarch, what you will see a is a surprising lack of pirate clothing. In the preview we saw at Gamescom, there was more pirate clothing, so I expect you can unlock these by achieving the new P&N achievement levels. We will supply some screenshots of the new clothing/hair when we have all the achievement levels done 🙂

There are also new traits in CAS, two positive ones: Call of the Sea and Entitled and one fatal flaw: Guild Enemy (imagine the opposite of haggler).

After you have your monarch, you can start the war quests, these are indicated with the crossed-swords icon. The first quest is called Ominous Tides and it is basically an introduction to what happened. I will leave the story line for you to find out in the game 😉

The second quest is called: The Incident and is the first quest where you get some noble vs pirate choices. For example your sim can bathe in Sea Water or Wildflower Water. At the end of the quest (platinum level) you will get this window:

My sim is leaning more towards the pirates than the Tredonian nobles. The quests do give the impression that the story evolves over several quests.  After the first quest I did go ‘hmm, that storyline wasn’t finished!’.

The third quest is where it gets interesting, you can choose ‘A Pirate’s Life For Me” or ‘Rush To Pledge’. I bet these quests are really going to decide the fate of the war. Expect a quest guide from us in the future that also covers how each choice affects the war 🙂

Other things I explored in the first play of P&N was parrots/falcons. You can get the first parrot and falcon by buying an aviary and then buy them from the ‘Pet Shoppe’

In the village shoppe you can also buy the treasure map and a crude shovel to start the treasure hunting! Equip the shovel and click on your first treasure map and read it, from there follow the instructions (not going to spoil where I found the treasure or what it contained). For this we will also make a guide 🙂

This was my first impression of P&N, I still have a lot to explore, like how you get all 12 falcons and parrots! And all the future quests this pack brings.