Simcity on wealthy Sims and 4 new pictures!

We have a few new pictures and a new blog!

We have a few new pictures and a new blog!

Working Up SimCity Wealth


In SimCity, you’ll find attracting high wealth Sims to your town and growing in wealth is fairly easy, however as I mentioned, the challenge comes in keeping wealthy Sims and businesses in your city. While all RCI buildings have basic needs, like water, power, sewage, and garbage, higher wealth Sims are more sensitive when their needs aren’t met and will become more vocal and less happy the more you ignore their needs. Education, pollution reduction, better crime suppression, and consistency in all your services will become a priority as your Sims go up in wealth. Additionally each RCI category has a service that becomes more important the more of them you have. Industrial buildings are more prone to fires, commercial buildings are more sensitive to crimes, and residents will go home and stay there is they get sick, demanding more health services.

Link to the blog: http://www.simcity.c…mCity-Wealth-UK