The Sims 3 Seasons review

The Sims 3 Seasons was the most anticipated and demanded Expansion Pack of the Sims 3 franchise, but probably also where the community put the most pressure on The Sims Studio to better get it right! We want weather, it had to look gorgeous and would we have accepted if it did not work in every single (custom) world, with every type of house/object we have? I doubt it.

We got just that, weather that works in every world and is absolutely gorgeous. Below is winter in a few official worlds and custom ones.

Besides just how awesome the weather looks, you can also interact with it. Snowball fights, iceskating (on lakes!) and getting soaked in a rainstorm are awesome in The Sims. If you do not want your Sims to get wet, there are umbrellas to keep them dry. Unfortunately they do break, but with a handiness skill of 6 you can make them unbreakable.

Screenshot-425 copy.jpg

Personally I think winter looks the best, but autumn is a close second. Trees change colour in the autumn! Where appropriate of course, if the type of tree does not change colour in Real Life it won’t in The Sims.

Screenshot-432 copy.jpg

Spring and Summer have their own features, spring might be plagued with a bit of snow/cold weather, leftover from winter and Summer can get very hot. The Summer weather is less noticeable as we, in theory, have been playing our Sims game in summer any way all this time.

Festival and holidays
Every season brings its own festival; in every world you will find a festival lot where the festival takes place. Each season has its own theme, the spring festival has a love theme and during the winter festival you can get mugs of hot chocolate.

Screenshot-447 copy.jpgScreenshot-445 copy.jpg

In my personal opinion, festivals are something I will play once to find out what they are and then possibly visit occasionally but certainly not every season.

Besides festivals you also get a holiday each season, the holiday is a day off work or school to do whatever you want. Catch up on skill building but it is a really good day to throw a party. While you can throw the new parties (costume/pool/feast/gift giving ) during the entire year, it seems more appropriate to have the gift giving party in the winter and the pool party in the summer. Each season has its own special holiday, spring has love day, summer has Leisure day, autumn has spooky day and winter has Snow day.

The community might have a very demanding about weather in The Sims 3, it was almost equally demanding about Aliens and this pack gives us both! Aliens have a lot of things added to it compared to The Sims 2 aliens, they have powers!


An alien can come to your lot to study the stuff in your yard or they can abduct you, which can leave your male Sim pregnant. But if they are just going to study your stuff you can talk with them and befriend them, eventually asking them to move in. Getting the Sim to your lot in the first place is not easy, we have written some hints here.

Once you have an alien in your family, they have powers and a nifty spaceship called Galaxa! Some of the powers they have are Mind Control (make another Sim repair and clean your house), Transmute Object (make a gem increase in value), but in my opinion the best power is summon meteor (needs ambitions). With it you can summon a meteor on any lot in the world and get an awesome kaboom moment! I did not manage to kill another a Sim with this feature, yet? ;).


With their new special ship they can, after some upgrades, invade community lots (with laser attacks) or travel to space (they go in the sky and you just get text information).

Screenshot-281 copy.jpg

I was one of many who wondered why there was no greenhouse in this expansion pack, it was added as a store item a week after Seasons was released, it was so beautiful I just had to grab it. Review will be posted soon.

Online Dating / new attraction system
Until now we always had to look through town for a random Sim for your Sim to date. But with Seasons they patched the game with a new attraction/dating system. If your Sim is talking to an attractive Sim, they get a moodlet informing you they are attracted. Having this attraction increases how fast new romantic interactions are unlocked.


Seasons also adds an online dating system, so that even shy Sims can meet their ideal match from the comfort of their home.Online dating starts on the computer by creating a profile, you can lie on this profile and say your Sim has the friendly trait when they are actually evil! After your profile is done you can browse other Sims profiles and send them messages. The replies can be Sims who are interested or completely not interested. See it as a new way to make friends who you can then use the phone to set up a date with (after building some relationship).


I just wish with the new attraction system that the online profiles of other Sims would show how compatible the Sim is with my (fake info) Sim. Would make sense to show that too as they added both systems at the same time.

Ocean Swimming
For the first time ever we can also swim in the ocean and lakes (when they are not on a lot), I find it a really cute addition to the game. Here is my Sim swimming in Riverview, in winter.


For this review I found it hard to just play this pack exclusively to find all the new features that came with it. In that respect it does not add enough new features, but what I do find is that the new weather and aliens makes the game feel complete, almost perfect. After an hour of playing Seasons I already cannot imagine my game without the occasional snowstorm.

Custom worlds used in screenshots:
Sunset Died by Simcookie (World is not online yet)
Storybrook Country
BlueVille Island
St Claire

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