The Sims Medieval – Patch 2.0 Review

Yesterday I posted that a new patch was coming on the forums, see this thread for the details: Update 2.0 for Sims Medieval

Today it was released and I patched my game immediately, I wanted the makeup! When I opened the game after the patch, I started one of my old savegames and I got the following dialogues:

As much as I like a free game, we know EA better than this and they do not give anything for free 😉 So I think these dialogues are a mistake and should have only appeared when the coming adventure pack Pirates and Nobles is actually installed.

So first thing I did was check out the new makeup! This is Medieval times so I was not really sure how they would do the makeup. First it turns out, a sim cannot apply the make up on the mirror, it can only be applied in CAS. Not sure I like that.

The amount of makeup choices are limited, only one each for eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick, and three for blush. However, what I did like was that these are not the sophisticated types of makeup we get in modern times, they are much more rough.

Here you can see the eyeshadow and blush applied in their standard colour that comes with the game and an extreme colour.

And my queen sim in her makeover:

This makeover was also applied to a king…

Unfurnished Houses
Now this is a feature I like! Instead of getting a furnished house, you get a house with the basic necessitates. What the necessitates are depends on each profession, the monarch gets a throne, strategy map, basic bed, cauldron and desk. The Blacksmith gets a forge, etc.
They also get a lot more starting money, the monarch gets 12.5k and the blacksmith got 2k.
Personally I am a player, pretty throne rooms are nice and everything. But I want a good bed asap.


Chess Table
I like the chess table, it keeps your sim entertained/busy without losing money at the poker table!

Ok bear with me, I’ve never really played with a child, so I wonder if this is new with a patch or was in the game before. I like the option that I can send the kid to go shopping for me, allows me to continue my game uninterrupted.

As to changing the child’s clothes, make sure the child is in the same building as you and plan the child’s outfit on the chest. Not too special but cute enough

But, I have not yet figured out where the move out option is kids. They hid hat one well.

Cute things I found.
These are a few images of small but handy/cute things I found in game that are different with the patch.

Can finish an ambition as soon as you have a high enough ranking/level! Really nice when you got the platinum level but still have 20quest points to go before finishing the ambition!

I found these green backgrounds when I click on a new quest. Not sure what they do exactly, but I just noticed it.

So overall, its a good patch. Even the limited amount of makeup is a nice addition, unfurnished option for houses is especially nice and I like you can finish ambitions before the quest points are done! Tell us what you think in this thread: The Sims Medieval – Patch 2.0 Review