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April Patch is Here! New Career, New Objects, and Many, Many Bug Fixes!

Written by deagh

Sul Sul, Simmers! Apparently we have a freelancer writing the patch notes this time, one Sue D. Nym. Hopefully she’s happy here while she’s with us. Coincidentally enough, this patch brings us the new freelancer career, which was discussed in the Maxis Monthly last week. Check out our Maxis Monthly article for more detail on the career – it’s an entirely new career type for The Sims 4, and we’re really looking forward to it!

Now, for some highlights from the rest of the patch notes.

New Objects

This free set of home office furniture and decor is ideal for your burgeoning Freelancer Sims!

Bookcase: Edgier LadderCase
Desk: Anglette Desk
Desk Chair: The Professional
End Table: A Cute Anglette
Decor: Not So Simple Pen Holder
Decor: Hand Reference Model
Decor: Robo, The Friendly Circuitry Kit
Decor: The Note Book
Laptop: FreeRoam Portable Computing Device
Wall Decor: Better As A Pair Of Paintings
Wall Decor: Supreme Freelancer Award

New Clothing

Freelancers tend to want comfy, but professional outfits. We’ve got them covered with the following new pieces of clothing.
A cable knit cardigan outfit
A sweater and skirt outfit
A layered sweater
A pair of flats
A collared sweater
A button up shirt
A crewneck sweater
A pair of drawstring pants

SimGuruChowder described these clothing items as “Home Office Chic” in the Maxis Monthly, and that’s an apt description. You’re comfy, but you look decent enough to take a video call from a client. Win win!


In collaboration with Moschino, your Sims can now enjoy an item from the Moschino X The Sims Capsule Collection. The new Freezer Bunny hoodie can be found in the Create a Sim catalog.

Not sure if this one counts as “Home Office Chic” or not, but hopefully your Sims will like it!

Immaculate White Shelf

I could have buried this down in the Fixes & Updates section, but… it’s kind of a big deal. There’s now a plain white version of “The Immaculate” shelf available in Buy Mode!
[Note to self: Sue seemed super excited about this. It sure seems like something we should do more of… – SimGuruGraham]

This one is A Big Deal because Simmers have been asking for a plain white shelf for a long time.  It was mentioned in an interview that The Sims Supply’s @JamesTurnerYT did with SimGuruLyndsay, and now it has happened!


There’s a lot here.  And I mean a LOT.  Here are a few of the major fixes/additions.

  • Sims will no longer receive random phone calls from other Sims between the hours of 8pm and 10am, allowing them to enjoy a full – and speedy – night’s sleep.
  • Expecting parents will once again be able to “Take Family Leave” via their phone to take time off from work.
  • Fixed an issue where hungry pets would not eat from food bowls autonomously
  • The following environment objects, which were created for StrangerVille, have been added to the Build Mode debug catalog to allow placement on lots. Players must enter the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat before they can be seen in the catalog.
    • 10 different cacti
    • 3 different Joshua trees
    • 3 different RVs
    • 2 clusters of rocks
    • 2 junked cars
    • A group of desert flowers
    • A military truck
    • A tire
    • A parking stop

And lots more, which you can read all about in the full patch notes!.

Also a reminder, back up saves and take out your mods before the update. Don’t take you mods back in before you know they are compatible with this update

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