Are you a PR person and want to work on SimCity?

For the last week Erik Reynolds @buzzspinner (Sr.Dir Worldwide Communications – EA) has been tweeting about a job opportunity for a PR Coordinator on his team. @Charlie_Sin (PR Manager at Maxis) joined in the tweeting today and mentioned SimCity specifically so it seems to be job focused on that game! Working on/with/for SimCity would be pretty awesome!


The core responsibilities for this position are to provide all aspects of general Public Relations support and project management. As a member of the marketing team, you’ll be part of an industry-leading group. In this role, your interpersonal strengths as well as your demonstrated ability to organize, prioritize and manage multiple projects will be called upon to help shape the future.

Sounds fun! But the Qualifications are quite something:



• 1-3 years equivalent work experience
• BA degree, ideally liberal arts, communications, public relations, marketing or business.
• Excellent communication skills both oral and written.
• Self-starter. High-energy individual that tackles challenges with tenacity and creativity. Positive, ‘can-do’ attitude.
• Detail oriented.
• Excellent organizational skills and the ability to multitask.
• Must be a team player and thrive in a fast-paced, competitive environment.
• Proficient with Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel.
• Knowledge of ACT, FTP Clients, Photoshop a big plus, scanning capabilities.
• Plays games and has a working knowledge of gaming publications
• Enjoys having fun!

Full Job Description here: PR Coordinator (Contractor) (9832)

I imagine (and please correct me if I'm wrong), that working in the Game Industry is like turning your hobby into a profession, in turn losing a bit of gaming time/fun but gaining a unique perspective on how a game is made. All the EA people I've met seem to love the job and company they work for, I would love to work in a great environment like that. But sadly I do not fulfill the first two requirements and the small detail that I do not have a green card for the USA ;-).

If you do have all the qualifications (even when you are awesome at one and have less/none at another) you should really apply! It is better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all, you get some more experience in applying for jobs – though their application system is very impersonal and you will not get (any) feedback when an application is denied. Be prepared for that and do not get disappointed.

If you want to look at other jobs at EA go here: https://performancem…reer?company=EA

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