Beta Codes for SimCity

We have 100 beta keys to give away! Yes, you read that right! 100!
We are giving them away on several places: Twitter, Facebook and IRC chat. We want to give everyone a chance to win these codes, not just those that have the fastest internet/fingers!

Please read the beta terms for these codes, very important:…ity-beta-terms

You have to follow our @platinumsimmers account. Over the next few days, we will post a tweet that you have to retweet for a chance to win. After an hour we will pick random winners from those that retweeted. They will be sent a DM with their own code. For this you do HAVE to follow the account, otherwise we cannot DM you.

We are planning on doing these giveaways at random times, but we want to have all timezones covered at least once.

We will post a message on our facebook page that you have to like and share. After a day we will pick random winners from those that shared our post. You have to allow messages from our account otherwise we cannot give you your code!

IRC Chat (last hurrah)
After most of our codes are given away via Twitter and Facebook we will be hosting a raffle on Friday night (the 25th, time will be announced soon) on our #SimCity IRC chat. See it as a last hurrah, where anyone has a chance to still get access to the beta. Anyone who has access to a webbrowser can access the IRC chat.

And thank you to EA UK for supplying these codes!

Author: sww

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