The Sims 3

Bonehilda – The Mystery Continues!!!

Bonehilda will finally make her Sims 3 debut in The Sims 3: Supernatural. But did SimGuruMegan uncloud her crystal ball to reveal the mystery?

The short answer is no, much to the chagrin of Bonehilda fans!

However, SimGuruMegan did reveal a little more information in a Twitter session with fans yesterday.

When asked the question "Will Bonehilda be more like a sculpture that just stands there or like magic gnomes who are mysterious?", SimGuruMegan cryptically replied:

"Bonehilda is a moving (won't say living or breathing!) being". She also told another simmer that Bonehilda was "awesome", but for now it appears we will need to look harder into our crystal balls before we uncover this Supernatural Secret, as SimGuruMegan wouldn't let anyone rattle her bones on this one!

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