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Boo! A New Stuff Pack Appears!

Written by Annabelli_22

Last week The Sims had announced that there will be an announcement tomorrow for a new The Sims 4 Stuff pack.

But in addition they have now announced when the trailer of this new The Sims 4 Stuff pack will be released. We don’t have a name for it yet, but we do have the time. Tomorrow 4pm UK time the trailer will go live on YouTube through this link

In the preview image of the trailer (used as featured image at the top), we can see a bit more than we did from the GIFs earlier.
Like a new fire place, new floor, a mysterious item on the side table. The little ghosties floating around the Sim and more.

In todays tweet (above) we have a new GIF though, with a new Sim, and an actual ghost (Guidry) instead of the little green ghosties. And you can see the Sims react to the sudden appearing of the ghost.
Are you curious to find out what this new Stuff pack will be exactly? Then don’t forget to tune in to the trailer at 4pm UK time. And if you want to discuss it with us later, we will be live streaming Tuesday at 6pm UK time on Twitch.

There’s no official release date yet. But with Stuff packs that’s often fairly quickly after the trailer. Probably within the week, my guess would be the 19th of January.

And last weeks announcement tweet

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