Bot Building Skill Guide

The Bot Building skill is one of the biggest additions in The Sims 3 Into Future, you can build your very own Plumbot with it. Building a basic Plumbot itself is not really that hard, you just need to get skill level 2 and 250 Simoleons. What you want however is a Plumbot that has personality and you give this to your bot with Trait Chips. This guide will explain how to build trait chips and what you need for them.

How to start

There are two ways to get this skill, the first is the most obvious. You have to travel (back) to the future. While there travel to the Nuts n’ Bolts Bot Emporium and start designing a trait chip. While in the future you can also buy bot building skill books.
If your Sim can’t, or doesn’t want to, visit the future, there is a present day alternative. Go into buy mode and there you can buy the Reventlov’s Bot Workshop. Just start designing nanites and trait chips and the skill will build from there. It’s up you how realistic you find this option, or if you’d rather keep the future in the future! As you’ll see, the future option has certain advantages!

Designing Nanites

Nanites are the components of trait chips, you can capture these (like insects) in the wasteland in Oasis Landing or you can design them on the Bot Workshop. They do cost money to design so finding them is cheaper, just takes more time! There are 20 nanites in total. 14 you can discover through designing them and 6 you need to capture first and they are rare.
Screenshot-213 copy
[learn_more caption=”Nanite Information”]

NaniteNameRarityCreation CostSell Value*

* This price is the max value that you get when you Create the Nanite yourself on the Bot Workshop, captured nanites can be worth less than this amount.
** These nanites need to be captured in the wasteland and reverse engineered before being able to create them yourself.[/learn_more]

If you captured a nanite you do not know how to design yet, you can reverse engineer it. This gives you the information on how to design them yourself and processors [more on this later].

Designing trait chips

Once you have reached lvl 1 of the botbuilding skill you can design trait chips. Trait chips are the personality traits your PlumBot will have, ranging from being able to clean to having social & fun needs.
Designing trait chips is similar to the Alchemy skill in The Sims 3 Supernatural, knowing how to make a trait chip is not enough, you also need components for them. Here is a list of all the trait chips and components.

[learn_more caption=”Trait Chip Information”]
LvlIconNameComponentsValueTrait Chip Properties
1Competent Cleaner1x
Any Nanite
§130[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Any mess dissolves under an unrelenting barrage of tidying action.
  • Plumbot prioritizes domestic functions.
  • Handles countless tasks from cleaning to laundry!
2HandiBot1 x
Any Nanite
1 x
Small Processor
§165[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Max Handiness Skill.
  • Enables all home maintenance interactions
  • Plumbot takes the initiative to repair appliances on its own.
2A.I. Angler1 x
Any Nanite
2 x
Small Processor
§205[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Max Fishing skill.
3Steel Chef1 x
Lite Nanite
3 x
Small Processor
§230[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Max Cooking skill.
  • All Cooking Recipes are immediately learned.
  • Plumbot takes the initiative to cook for other Sims when they are hungry.
3Fear of Humans1 x
Any Nanite
1 x
Small Processor
§160[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Bot flees at the sight of humans Sims.
  • May cause terrified leaking.
  • Bot will not fear pets or Sims that are not standard humans.
4RoboNanny1 x
Scalar Nanite
3 x
Small Processor
§315[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Childcare becomes the Plumbot’s first priority
  • Enables all childcare interactions, from diaper changing to playing tag.
4Friendly Functions3 x
Small Processor
1 x
Kindness Crystal
§295[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Imbues Plumbot with the Social Motive.
  • Enables friendly social interactions.
  • Plumbot takes the initiative to socialize on its own.
5Sinister Circuits3 x
Small Processor
1 x
Rage Crystal
§300[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Activates the Social Motive
  • Encourages this Bot to rebel against decent Sim society.
  • Enables a full suite of cruelty-based interactions.
5Sense of Humor3 x
Small Processor
1 x
Laughter Crystal
§320[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Activates the Social meter.
  • Enables a wife range of joking interactions.
  • Introduces Plumbot to the world of professional Comedy Shows.
6Office Drone1 x
Lepton Nanite
1 x
Quantum Nanite
2 x
Small Processor
§400[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Advances your Bot through its chosen profession.
  • Plumbots are immune to daily stress of professional life.
  • Earn Simoleons by lending your Bot to local businesses.
6Musical Machine1 x
Caustic Nanite
1 x
Heisenberg Nanite
2 x
Small Processor
§395[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Max Music instruments skill.
  • Every song in Similization is instantly learned.
  • Plumbot takes the initiative to play music on its own.
6Mood Adjuster1 x
Neutron Nanite
1 x
Any Crystal
4 x
Small Processor
§415[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Activates the Social meter.
  • Enables various Massage techniques (+10, 3h).
  • Equips Plumbot with experimental Mood Beam for direct emotional manipulation. (+40, 3h).
7Solar Powered1 x
Condensor Nanite
1 x
Medium Processor
§460[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Replenishes Plumbot Battery Power while the Bot works.
  • Chip only functions outside, during daylight hours.
7Capacity to Love2 x
Medium Processor
5 x
5Love Crystal
§555[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Activates the Social Motive and gives your Plumbot romantic urges.
  • Enables a full suite of interactions to express love and affection with other Plumbots.
7RoBotany Gardener3 x
3of Any Nanite
1 x
Any Crystal
1 x
Medium Processor
§475[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Max Gardening Skill.
  • Equips Plumbot with advances nanotech fertilizer.
  • Plumbot takes the initiative to garden on its own.
8Limitless Learning1 x
Tunneling Nanite
3 x
Medium Processor
§650[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Plumbots will learn and gain Skill levels as Sims do.
  • Dramatically accelerates Skill learning.
8Simulated Emotions1 x Kindness Crystal
1 x Laughter Crystal
1 x Rage Crystal
§575[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Activates the Social and Mood meters.
  • Grans access to three different Emotional Modes:Happy: +20Sad/Angry: -10.
  • Enables interactions thoroughly express any emotion at any time.
8Algorithmic Artist1 x
Torque Nanite
1 x
Polar Nanite
2 x
Medium Processor
§680[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Max Painting Skill.
  • Enables all Painting-related interactions and behaviors.
  • Plumbot takes the initiative to paint on its own.
9Holo Projector1 x
Induction Nanite
2 x
Medium Processor
1 x
Large Processor
§970[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Projects your choice of Sims from other timelines or distant worlds and socialize with them.
9Efficient1 x
Thermo Nanite
2 x
Medium Processor
1 x
Large Processor
§1010[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Longer battery life and decreased maintanance needs.
  • Faster Skill learning and superior Harvesting results
  • Increased performance in professional settings and Bot Competitions.
10Sentience1 x
Uber Nanite
5 x
of Any Crystal
2 x
arge Processor
§1615[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Enables Fun, Social and Mood Motives.
  • Plumbot experiences Liftime Wishes and opportunities.

There are 3 types of components you will need for trait chips:


As mentioned before, nanites can be designed on the Bot Workstation. They can also be found in the wasteland in Oasis Landing. If you have enough lifetime points the Collection helper really helps!
Screenshot-208 copy

Crystal Flowers

In Oasis Landing you can find crystal flowers randomnly in the world, these flowers can be harnished with laughter, love, kindness, rage or be kept neutral. You can harvest them in the wild and then like a normal plants, plant them yourself in your garden.
Screenshot-141 copy


You can get processors by reverse engineering nanites, they come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. I’ve found that the more expensive nanites have a bigger chance of giving you large processors, but it is still rare.2013-11-11_20-10-02

Nuts n’ Bolts Bot Emporium

As well as collecting them, you can also buy components from the Nuts n’ Bolts Bot Emporium store, so make sure to check there often and see what’s on offer!
Screenshot-207 copy

Building and upgrading a plumbot

Building plumbots is actually the easiest part of the plumbot skill. You need level 2 and 250 Simoleons.
Screenshot-188 copy
Then you go into create a bot and let your imagination go wild! Once you have a plumbot you can upgrade it with trait chips (up to 7 in total, once you Sim is on level 10 of bot building) and upgrade the quality of the bot.

Selling plumbots

After you build your plumbot you can sell it. The more trait chips and the higher level quality it has, the more it is worth! You can sell the bot in the Nuts n’ Bolts Bot Emporium by clicking on this Plumbot Stand. It is quite sad to sell your plumbot, they wave sadly at you. So be sure before you sell them!

Self Employed Career

This skill comes with a self-employed career, the goal is to make money by selling trait chips and/or plumbots. How much a Plumbot sells for depends on the quality level and the trait chips. The base value of every Plumbot is 250 with 3 traitslots, every traitslots adds 50 to this value. The quality of the Plumbot is like a multiplier of this value. The follow table explains it:

QualityBase ValueMultiplier
1: Fragile§2250.9
2: Duct Taped§2380.95
3: Weak§2501.0
4: Average§2631.05
5: Decent§345 (With 4 Trait Slots so (250+50)*1.15)1.15
6: Awesome§3601.2
7: Fantastic§455 (With 5 Trait Slots so (250+100)*1.3)1.3
8: High Tech§4901.4
9: Next Gen§580 (With 6 Trait Slots so (250+150)*1.45)1.45
10: Future Tech§675 (With 7 Trait Slots so (250+200)*1.5)1.5

Traitchips increase the value of your bot, the traitchip table earlier shows the value of each trait chip.

A Quality 10 Plumbot with these Traitchips: Sentience, Efficient, Holo Projector, Algorithmic Artist, Limitless Learning, Simulated Emotions and Capacity to Love will sell for roughly:


Complete BotBuilding Skill Information
LevelUnlocked SkillTrait Chip Designs
0[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Design Nanites
  • Create Nanites
  • Tune Up Plumbot
  • Adjust Trait Chips
1[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Design Trait Chips
[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Competent Cleaner
2[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Create Plumbot
[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Handibot
  • A.I. Angler
3[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Reverse Engineer Nanites
[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Steel Chef
  • Fear of Humans
4[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • More income when tuning up
    non-Household Plumbots
  • Tune-Up on Plumbot has chance
    of increasing quality
[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • RoboNanny
  • Friendly Functions
5[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Upgrade Plumbot Trait Chip Slots to 4
  • New bots start with 4 Trait Chip Slots
[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Sinister Circuits
  • Sense of Humor
6[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Tune-Up on Plumbot has more
    chance of increasing quality
[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Office Drone
  • Musical Machine
  • Mood Adjuster
7[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Upgrade Plumbot Trait Chip Slots to 5
  • New bots start with 5 Trait Chip Slots
[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Solar Powered
  • Capacity to Love
  • RoBotany Gardner
8[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Limitless Learning
  • Simulated Emotions
  • Algorithmic Artist
9[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Upgrade Plumbot Trait Chip Slots to 6
  • New bots start with 6 Trait Chip Slots
[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Holo Projector
  • Efficient
10[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Upgrade Plumbot Trait Chip Slots to 7
  • New bots start with 7 Trait Chip Slots
[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Sentience

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