Build your own Dorm contest

Update: Due to the few entries we are extending the deadline of this contest by 2 more weeks, so you will have time till the 11th of May to submit! We are very sorry to the two people who are already submitted because they have to wait longer now to see if they won.Β 

Thanks to EA UK, we have some Sims 3 University Life goodies to give away. Β So, we thought what better way to celebrate the eagerly awaited release of University Life, than with a Dorm Building competition.

Screenshot-571This is one of the Sorority houses that came with The Sims 3 University Life

To enter you have to build a dorm that will work in The Sims 3 University town, there are three types of dorms, a regular dormitory (for both genders), fraternities (male only) and sororities (female only). This contest works best if you have The Sims 3 university but it is not required. A dorm is basically a big house that can house 8 Sims.

A dorm should have:

  • At least 8 beds – although sims can share a bedroom
  • At least one full bathroom, designed to be shared
  • At least one full kitchen
  • Study facilities – as simple as a bookcase and computer, or as in depth as you like
  • Entertainment Items – well, half the fun of Uni, is the party!


How you tackle this is up to you, but here’s some ideas!

  • A regular dorm – the kind where you would have liked to live at while at uni. Classic Greek or More Modern? Up to you!
  • Based on a fictional dorm – for example, Legally Blonde, Harry Potter, St Trinians or Vampire Academy.
  • A Themed Dorm for one or more of the new social groups – Nerds, Jocks and Rebels
  • Recreate your favourite The Sims 2 Dorm


All lots should be submitted to Platinum Simmers, in sims3pack format. We have a guide on how to submit here:Β how to share your house on Platinum Simmers We prefer lots without any Custom Content, but will allow those on Platinum Simmers or from The Sims 3 Store.


27th of March 2013 – 11th of May 2013 23:59 PM BST


Judging will be based on both the creativity involved in your dorm, but also on how well it functions as a place to live, socialise, study and most importantly, party!


We have two winners, the grandprize wins a poster, tshirt, wristband and a usb plumbob. The second prize is a poster, wristband and usb plumbob.


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    • No, you can use any content from any of the expansion packs, from the official The Sims 3 store or the custom content we have on the site here πŸ™‚ But only from Platinum Simmers, any custom content from other websites is not allowed. πŸ™‚

  • Can I upload more than 1? I have a Frat House a Sorority House and 2 Dorms……I would like to upload them all if so.

  • Im confused where to upload it too and how to include pictures. I have mine in the exchange, is there anyway to get them from the exchange to the contest?

  • Hi, I would love to enter this comp, but I cannot sign in. I have forgotten my password too, which does not help. I cannot request a new password, as I cannot get by the ‘captcha’ code. I can sign in using Facebook, but it will not allow me to upload my file , it keeps saying I am not allowed. I am feeling extremely thick.. Can you believe I have been trying to sort this out for the last hour! Help!!!!

  • I am still planning on uploading my 4. I had to uninstall my whole game and reinstall when i did i wasnt thinking, and it took my dorms out of my export file, so for the last week i have been really confused on how to get it up here. I think i figured it out though ( I hope) and im gonna try first thing in the morning so it is still in by the original deadline. πŸ™‚

  • I submitted my dorms, frat house and sorority house around noon yesterday and they still aren’t showing up yet. I wanted to make sure I had them entered before the original deadline so nobody would think I didn’t deserve to be in the contest. Sorry for so many messages but I was very confused on how to upload them (I have never done anything like that outside the Exchange)so I just want to make sure it’s not something I did and that you guys received them. Thanks πŸ™‚