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Create-A-Pet to be available as a demo… next Thursday!

Get ready to create your perfect pet – Create-A-Pet will be available as a free downloadable demo from Thursday 22nd September!

Edited Monday 19th September: There seems to be some confusion over whether the demo is available on Wednesday, as we originally said, or Thursday, as some sources are saying. We’ve decided to play it cautious for now and are saying it’ll be out on Thursday but we’ll give you any updates as we get them. Watch this space!

Yes you heard right! I don’t think there’s a single person who didn’t get up and do a little dance at this news. Create-A-Pet will be available as a free demo – it’ll be downloadable from Thursday 22nd September. So start planning your poodles, sketching your Shire horses, and modelling your Manxes, because in just one week you could be creating them for real. And, of course, you’ll be able to import them to the full Pets game when it releases next month.

We don’t have an exact time for the release of the downloadable demo, which will be available from www.thesims3.com/createapet, but we can guess that in California it’ll be sometime between 10am-4pm or so, which would make it any time between 6pm and midnight UK time. So if you’re thinking of booking a day off work or indeed “working from home”, you might want to make it Friday not Thursday.

Create A Pet Demo Artwork

We are busy planning a Create-A-Pet competition, launching next Thursday, in which you’ll be able to win an awesome Sims 3 academic year diary, signed by Graham Nardone (aka @SimGuruGraham on Twitter, producer on The Sims 3 team) or even a real Sims 3 Pets collar!

Here’s EA’s full description of the demo:


Create perfect—or imperfect—pets for your Sims, from fierce guard dogs to destructive kittens to trusty horses as you determine their looks and personality traits! Choose from over 100 breeds then edit them as you want to create a unique pet. Upgrade to the full game to play as your pet!


  • Enjoy a free demo that is robust, easy to play, and loads of fun.
  • Create a wide variety of unique dogs, cats, and—for the first time ever—horses!
  • Customize your pets! From fur color to eye color, coat markings to body shape, fine-tune every detail of your pet’s appearance.
  • Determine pets’ personalities. Will your pets be adventurous, intelligent, skittish, brave, agile, or something else?
  • Show off your pets online. Connect and share your creations with the world via The Sims 3 Exchange if you have registered any game from The Sims 3.