Currently in Development – SimCity fixes

As SimCity is not a perfect game yet,  the people at Maxis are working hard to fix it and make it better. Yesterday they posted a list of fixes that are currently in development.

The following fixes will be good:

• Water: Water pumps are now capable of pumping water from rivers at a larger radius so they can take better advantage of the water table in a city.

• Disasters: Cooldown for random disasters: Some players were getting hit too frequently with random disasters, this introduces a cooldown where no random disasters will occur.

• Transit: Street Cars and Buses go to high volume stops first.

• Tuning: Residential-only cities have failure state.

No information however when these will be implemented, they are in the development test system which means they are first being tested internally, then on the test server and then we get them in our games.

Full list here:

Author: sww

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