Diesel Stuff Pack Review

Diesel is a brand that I've always been aware of, but since they don't seem to cater to my age, style or size, I've never really looked that much at their stuff. So, when I heard they were the latest tie in for a stuff pack, I was intrigued. H&M and Ikea were two of my favourite TS2 packs, but the less said about Katy Perry, the better for me! So, what did we get?

Well, the pack focuses mostly on clothing, with a few items of furniture. The clothing is only for young adult and adult ages, too, with nothing for teens or elders. Mostly, it's everyday wear, with some also marked for formal wear. There's also male and female undies and a bikini. The clothes themselves are at the casual end of casual-smart, and are good day to day wear. A lot of them have designs and stencils, though most also have plain versions. Personally, I would prefer the text to be simified, and the guys' jeans are a bit on the dirty side, but overall, I'm happy with the selection.

You can get an idea of the clothing in the overview images, or go to the albums for bigger pics.


As for furniture, well, I love the sofa and chairs, and the lights, and I think the tables will fit in to any rock star's house. As for the bed though… I thought it was great until I went into CAS, and discovered that the design on the duvet and pillows is a stencil, not a pattern! It had so much potential, but that just ruined it!


So, overall? It's a good pack, and I'm happy to have it. 8/10, I reckon!

Album: Diesel Collection – Women
22 images

Album: Diesel – Men's Clothing
24 images

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