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End of The Sims news drought in sight

Written by Annabelli_22

It’s been awhile since we had any The Sims 4 news.
The last news we had was for The Sims 4 Romantic Gardens stuff pack, and of course the Spring challenge patch update.

But fans have been wanting more! And to be honest, so have we.
SimGuruDrake has finally announced that there will be an official announcement next week. (Yes, an announcement for an announcement)

2016-04-13 08_41_25-No plans for toddlers or pets, says The Sims Latam. - Page 7 - The Sims Forums

So we can expect not just news, but perhaps even a plan for the upcoming months! How they will fill in the information for the upcoming months is still unclear, but it does sound promising!

Aside from news, there will also be a patch next week, which will end the Spring Challenge. So if you haven’t perfected your glowfruit, or found all the eggs, but you still want the challenge rewards, you have until Tuesday to fulfill the task!
Good luck!

So keep your head up for next week, Tuesday April 19th, we will be making sure to share the news with you!

Thank you Kit McDonald for sharing this on Twitter.
source: The Sims Forums

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