Everything you need to know about SimCity BuildIt

Written by sww
On Maxis released a lot of articles that explain the different features of SimCity Buildit. I hope the release of all these articles means that SimCity BuildIt is getting ready for a global launch, it is currently in a soft launch phase to make sure the game works well. If you are in Canada, New-Zealand or Australia (lucky you!) check out your App Store or Google Play store for the game.

In SimCity BuildIt you build a city and to upgrade your buildings you have to manufacture resources. It takes (real life) time to make these resources. There is in-game currency (SimCash) you can buy with real money and just like with other games, SimCash helps you progress faster.

What I especially like the sound of is that you can specialize your city just like in the main SimCity game. Then there are Disaster Challenges, I like challenges!

Here are links to all the different articles:

Most of them are basic explanations/tutorials, no in-depth guides on how much time everything will take or how much in things will cost.

Do you like free games with optional microtransactions? I am a fan, I like it when I can try a game without immediately spending money it and I also like it when I can play a game for just a little bit and close it (the bus trip to work for example). Then when I have time again

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