Expand your Sims 3 collection on Origin

Whether you’re just starting your Sims 3 collection or you already have a vast one, Origin is now offering two great deals for you.

For the veteran Sims 3 fan, you can pick up both Monte Vista and Hidden Springs in one pack for $19.99US or £14.99 in the UK. Click the banner below to go to the offer…

Monte Vista & Hidden Springs

Or if you haven’t bought The Sims 3 yet, now is the perfect time to get into the series with the Sims 3 Starter Pack. This pack includes The Sims 3, Late Night, High End Loft Stuff, and the Date Night Set from the Sims 3 Store (image below banner) and costs just $29.99US or £29.99 in the UK. Click the banner to go to the offer…


I missed the Date Night Set the first time around, so in case you did too, here’s a picture of it (click it to go to the Store).

Date Night Set from the Sims 3 Store

Author: BlackGarden

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