FreePlay Teen Takeover Review (Part 1)

The latest update to The Sims FreePlay has added teens and many other things to the game. I have very mixed feelings about this, though because they changed a lot of stuff, as well.

Here are my thoughts on the update:

Coming of Age: The Invasion of the Teens

I am very excited that we can finally have teen sims now, who can also participate in some already existing hobbies! Osiris the Alien comes back in a quest at level 23 to help invent a birthday cake that can turn Preteens into Teens! The quest was moderately-lengthed, and I did laugh a few times reading the goals.

Teens are easy to keep around, and are made by giving a birthday cake (Which costs 5 LP and 24 hours to make) to a preteen Sim! Teens can interact with each other like normal teens, too. They have unique interactions, and also can have relationships with each other, as well!

The ability to instantly adopt Preteens and Teens is now available from any phone. This is the biggest feature that bothers me in this update – each adoption costs a $4.99 (US dollars). While it is understandable that a free-to-play game does need some revenue of some sort, and we ARE adding a whole new Sim to the town, I still feel that a $5 purchase is a little expensive.


Higher Learning: New School, New Fun!

At Lvl 24+, your Sims will give you a quest to build the Sim Town High School for teens to attend once they’ve been unlocked. The quest “Higher Learning” is a very short and easy quest. Once you unlock the High School, you can build it once you have enough Sims and Simoleons.

The game says you can enroll (or Enrol) your teen Sims into one of 3 sessions at the high school to fit what time you play the game – morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. There are 7 “levels” of high school, each new level unlocks new items for your Preteens to use!



The Great Ghost Escape: Ghost Hunting Redux

At Lvl 10+, during sometime this month until November 1st, “The Great Ghost Escape” quest will be available to unlock new, limited edition Halloween items!

In addition to this new quest, ghost hunting in general has been changed. The haunted items in the Home Store will now take a certain amount of time to reattach ghosts after they’ve been searched for ghosts. Depending on how many stars the object has, it can take up to 30, 20, or 10 minutes to recharge. If you have the limited edition haunted house from last year, up to 5 Sims can continuously go through the house, ghost hunting.



Weekly Quests & The Mystery Box

New weekly quests will award you with keys, which can be used to unlock mystery boxes in the new mystery box shop. Each week’s quest is composed of a series of normal quests, as you complete actions as fast as possible to fill up the progress bar. There are 3 ticks on the bar, at 25% full, 50% full, and 75% full, and when you fill the bar to each of these ticks you will earn a few simoleons, many simoleons, and several LP, respectively.

Filling the bar each week gives you a key, and there are several types of boxes that require different numbers of keys for more items. The boxes give you rare or common items, and rare or common prizes.

The most disappointing part of this feature is the fact that once you fill the bar, completing the normal quests will not reward you with LP anymore, and you must earn LP in other ways.


This was the first part of my review of this update. There will be more of this review to come, because in MID-NOVEMBER, a NEW QUEST will be available at Lvl 25+ to unlock the Teen Idol career or hobby. There is much more to this update, which will only be available once Teen Idols are unlocked! Until then, keep on Simming!

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