The Sims 3

Get Bonus SimPoints – now Worldwide!

Last night The Sims 3 Site got updated with an awesome feature. You can now get free Simpoints by watching sponsored ads, doesn’t matter where you live this feature is now available worldwide!

Watching 1 ad equals 5 free Simpoints and the number of videos available to you will vary depending on inventory (This can mean The Sims 3 content you own, location or websites you have visited). You can find the feature on the frontpage of the store between branded content and make me an offer.



If you cannot see it, there are two things you can do:

1. Log out and back in, then wait for at least 2 minutes on the store page.

2. Turn off your adblock, the bonus Simpoint features gets seen as an ad (technically it is one) so your adblock program will remove it from view.

2014-03-11_10-11-32I recommended you to disable adblock on any site your support, Platinum Simmers is paid for by ads and many Youtubers depend on ad income. 

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  • It is probably a stupid or useless question to ask, but other than watching the videos a few times a day (I watched 3 in a row just this morning), is there any way to spam this? I need over 5,000 simpoints and I’m kinda strapped for cash lmao Thanks for your answer either way!

    • Hiya! No sorry, no known ‘cheat’ on the bonus points. Though binge watching them helps, I’ve heard of people getting hundreds of points in a single day.