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Written by Annabelli_22

During the first live stream about a patch, SimGuruKate had an announcement for the upcoming plans and communication.
Find out what they are here

During the first live stream about a patch, SimGuruKate had an announcement for the upcoming plans and communication.

Since the quarterly teasers have stopped, and will not come back, we haven’t had a way to know what is coming or just something to hype about. In return, SimGuruKate has announced there will be more live streams from The Sims team on the official The Sims Twitch.
There will be 3 types of live streams:

  • Pack live streams,
  • Guru Garage and
  • Maxis Monthly

These new type of live streams will start in September but when the exact dates for them have yet to be announced
There are plans to release a big schedule for these live streams (minus the pack live streams), but I’m sure we’ll get those when it’s all more taking off.

Pack live streams

These types of live streams have been going on for a while. When there is a new pack announced (stuff, game or expansion pack), closer to release SimGurus showed off bit and pieces off the packs, answered questions etc.
These live streams will continue to exist, and will probably remain in fairly the same format.

Maxis Monthly

Maxis Monthly is a new type of live stream announce by SimGuruKate. This will be a 1 hour live stream near the end of the month where 1 or a few SimGurus will go over Sims related happenings in the past month, showcase player content in the Gallery, and talk about what might be coming in the next month.
It has yet to be announce when the first one will be exactly, but they will start in September, so expect something around the end of September.

Guru Garage

The Guru Garage live streams will be a bi-weekly live streams where SimGurus just basically hang out, play the game, show off some existing features or how they play the game.
There will be 1 or 2 Gurus that will be playing the game, but casual drop by’s from others can be expects. This is just something casual to get to know the SimGurus a bit and just enjoy the game. These streams will last about 2 hours. There won’t be announced something new during these live streams.
btw, Garage has nothing to do with cars or cars coming to The Sims 4, but is named after a meeting room at the offices.

First Guru Garage

Yesterday, the very first Guru Garage live stream was announced. It will be on Friday August 31st, at 7pm UK time and end around 9pm.
The focus for this stream will be clubs and will feature SimGuruKate with SimGuruRomeo!
You can find scheduled events here

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