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Happy Anniversary to us! Platinum Simmers turns 10

Written by moza

10 years ago, moza, BlackGarden, deagh and sww were all involved in the Sims community, but couldn’t quite find anywhere to call home.  So we decided to take matters into our own hands, and Platinum Simmers was born.

We’ve changed a bit over the years – initially our site included a forum and downloads.  Thanks to the internet archive, we can see what the site looked like then, too! 

At the time, we were covering The Sims 3, The Sims Freeplay and The Sims Medieval, and also included some fun articles too – remember Foodie Friday, where we looked at the real world version of in game recipes?

Eventually, we streamlined into news, reviews and articles, and took a clear decision to stick to confirmed news and avoid rumours and leaks.  We wanted to focus on the type of content that we would want to find – as we said, we are by Simmers, for Simmers

We sadly lost sww as a team member.  Well, sadly for us, but not for her – she is proof that with hard work and determination, you can follow your dreams as she now works at EA, including a stint with The Sims team!  Lebanna joined in her place, and has been instrumental as our liaison with the SimGurus and Game Changers team.

Over the years, we’ve attended pack previews in Guildford and Cologne, Gamescom in Germany, gone to Simmer Meet Ups in London and Manchester, played the SimCity beta at PAX Prime and even attended one of the Creator Camps in San Francisco.  Despite the team being spread across the world, we have managed to meet up in person, although to date, moza is the only team member to have met all of the others.

So, that’s looking at the last 10 years, what does the future hold?

We finally started streaming on Twitch at the end of last year – late to the party, yes, but our prime focus has always been based on the type of content we want to see as Simmers ourselves.  Currently, Lebanna does a build stream on a Tuesday and moza does a stream on a Thursday, which varies based on what she’s been doing in her own game recently!  BlackGarden occasionally pops up on a weekend to torture her sims!  Although the channel is still small, we’re having fun with it, and have also added a discord server here, where you can talk Sims, see what other games we’re playing, or just generally shoot the breeze.

We still plan on bringing you up to date news and honest reviews and previews of the games.  The Sims 4 is still going strong, as is The Sims Mobile, and as soon as we get any concrete news on any new games in the franchise, we’ll bring you that, too.

We’ve got plenty of fun and games and giveaways planned for the whole month, along with some retro games streams.

We’ll be posting here, but you can join the celebrations on socials as well, with the hashtag #Platinum10.  You can find us as follows:






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