How to become Emotional

Written by sww
We all know that Emotions are what sets Sims in The Sims 4 apart from their predecessors. By now you’ll have experienced a number of these and seen the impact on your Sims. From the way they walk, to the whims they generate, from the interactions they have with other Sims, to how they perform at school or work, you name it, their emotional state affects it.

If you are anything like me, you are playing The Sims 4 and need your Sim in a different emotion and then go… how do I get there the fastest? This is why I wrote this guide to keep track of which actions give which emotion.

Disclaimer: This guide is not finished yet, as I discover more emotional interactions I will add them to the list. If you know of any interactions, please post in the comments and I will add it to the list (and give you credit).

How to become Angry

  • Be near an Angry painting
  • Do or receive mean interactions
  • Have Sim’s partner cheat on them
How to become Bored

  • Receive too many of the same socials in a row
  • Hear a bad joke
  • As an adult watch the kid’s network
How to become Confident

  • Drink Earl Grey, Hot Tea
  • Be near a Confident painting
  • Cook a good meal
  • Brush teeth
  • Psych self up
  • Ask a question on the Future Cube
  • Extinguish fire
  • Increase fitness
  • Complete a painting
  • Promotion at work
  • Win a fight
How to become Dazed

  • Lose a fight
  • Electrocution
  • Too much coffee/juice
  • Crash land a rocketship
How to become Embarrassed

  • Walk into bathroom while it’s being used
  • Have Romantic Socials rejected
  • Pee pants
  • Do bad at school
  • Bad woohoo
  • Play bad on a musical instrument
How to become Energized

  • Watch Action channel on the tv
  • Active Trait
  • Take a brisk shower
  • Drink coffee
  • Read ‘E = Energy: Bolster Yourself’ or ‘Sleep less, Jog more’
  • Crystal Auras
  • Study Exercise tips on the PC
  • Drink protein drink
How to become Flirty

  • Watch Romance channel on the tv
  • Take a Steamy shower
  • Do Flirty Socials
  • Be near a Flirty painting
  • Try on outfits/Freshen up (mirror interaction)
  • Fantasize about wedding (wedding arch)
  • Ask about Love Life on the Future Cube
  • Read ‘Pickup Lines for Flirtatiously Inept’ or ‘A Roadmap to Love’
How to become Focused

  • Ponder Moves on chest table
  • Use the telescope
  • Drink Pitch Black tea
  • Study an Element
  • Browse Simpedia
  • Play chess
  • Study a Fossil
  • Be near a Focused painting
  • Ask about Scientific Mysteries on the Future Cube
  • Play videogames (rare)
  • Reading ‘Honing your Mind’s Eye’ or ‘Taking Control: The Fulity of trying’ (emotional book)
How to become Happy

  • Materialistic Trait + Admire new Posession option
  • Drink Healthy Green Tea
  • Listen to music
  • Explore Space
  • Decorated room
  • First Kiss or Woohoo
How to become Inspired

  • Take a thoughtful shower
  • Ask for Creative Ideas on the Future Cube
  • Browse art on the computer
  • Use the microscope
  • Postcard Aura
  • Read ‘Embracing the Moment and Inspiring Others’ or ‘Inspirational Posters: The Underlying Truth’
How to become Playful

  • Have a Bubble Bath
  • Watch Comedy channel
  • Be near a Playful painting
  • MySims trophies aura
  • Read ‘Make them Laugh ’til they Cry!’ or ‘Playing with your Food’
How to become Sad

  • Gloomy Trait
  • Low Social
  • Have a loved one die
  • Break up/divorce
  • Catch partner cheating
  • Be near a Sad painting
  • Lose a job
How to become Tense

  • Failed to ask a question on the Future Cube
  • Caught cheating
  • Cleaning
  • Close to or on fire
  • Low Fun need
  • Another Sim is playing bad on an instrument
  • Stale Surroundings (materialistic trait)
How to become Uncomfortable

  • Low Hygiene, Bladder and Hunger need
  • Dirty surroundings
  • Eat spoiled food
  • Hurt finger while upgrading
  • Soreness after exercise

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