How to build the perfect Resort – Part 5: FAQ

Written by sww

Even if you have managed to build your own Resort, there are still some confusion situations that occur!

Roaches even with high-end maintenance workers!

If your reviews never stop complaining about roaches on your resort you might have some hidden spawners. This happens especially on the Hobart’s Hideaway resort you get for free in Isla Paradiso

First make sure you have 3 high level maintenance workers.

Then turn on testingcheatsenabled true cheat (press ctrl-shift-c and type: testingcheatsenabled true).
Then turn on the buydebug on cheat (press ctrl-shift-c and type: buydebug on).

Go to buy mode and then the buydebug menu you will see the spawners on your lot like this:


As you can see some of them are underground! To fix this turn on the moveobjects cheat (press ctrl-shift-c and type: moveobjects on) 

Click the spawners and move them up or delete them.


Maintenance workers do not do their work

I’ve found that it is best to have all 3 high level maintenance workers on a resort, no matter the size of your resort.


Resort Owner cannot repair in VIP room unless checking in

One serious flaw as a resort owner it seems you do not have access to the VIP rooms unless you check into it (for free). So if you want to repair any items in there you have to check in. Maintenance workers do not have this issue.


Stuck on 4.5 Star rating.

When you are stuck on the 4.5 Star rating for a long time you can add some extra amenities to your lot, see full list in this article. If you have all of them then you might have to expand your pool. The size of the pool apparently does matter!


No guests on the resort

It takes a few Sim days before all the rooms are rented out on your resort, next to that it also takes an attractive resort! You will notice the Sims come visit when you have a few amenities.


How to open the resort

Click on your Front Desk > Resort Management > Open Resort


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  • I can’t seem to delete the insect spawners. I did all of the appropriate cheats. I can pick them up, but I cannot delete them. Any tips?

  • I have seen the same advice on a few websites, nothing like copy and paste, how about we do the research first? The roach spawners cannot be deleted.