How to fetch a date with the dog hunting skill in The Sims 3 Pets

Many previews (including ours) mention that you can fetch your Sim a date with your dog. But how exactly you can do this was quite difficult to figure out! With the help of Daniela from Italian Sims fansite Sims3Cri we figured it out!

First train your dog to at least level 5 hunting skill. The first hunting skill point is obtained by your sim training the dog to hunt, after that the dog can train itself by sniffing out collectables.

First hunting skill has to be trained

Then have your Sim and dog go to a Late Night lot, only works on late night lots like the Watering Hole in Appaloosa Plains. Sadly does not work on like the pool or any other community lot.

Late Night lot in Appaloosa Plains

With the sim click on the dog and ‘Fetch Date’.

Fetch a date

Your dog will then go and sniff around and do a fun little dance in front of the potential date.

Picking a date, but the dog's taste is debatable.

Next, the date will come over and flirt with your Sim.

Flirt time!

So now you can relax while your dog picks your dates! I just hope they have better taste than my Sim’s dog. Happy Simming!