Introducing the Platinum Simmers News Desk!

For the past week, we’ve been working very hard on a new tool, and we’re proud to release it as an open beta today.

The Platinum Simmers News Desk is an online tool which gathers information from various Sims sites around the web (through their RSS feeds), and displays it all together in one place. It also pulls in topics from our forums, and Twitter posts from the Sims team, so you won’t miss a thing.

Try the new Platinum Simmers News Desk here!

The new Platinum Simmers News Desk

The new Platinum Simmers News Desk

We’ve got plenty of new features planned, but we’d especially welcome your input – what you like, and what you don’t like – so we can make this tool an awesome resource for Sims fans and webmasters. Just click your way across to the seventh column to send us your feedback, or email it to

If you have a Sims website with a news RSS, and would like it included, you can also send us the link in the seventh column. Also, if your Sims website is included in our feed but for any reason you would prefer we do not include it, just drop us a line.

Author: BlackGarden

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