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Katy Perry Sweet Treats is the latest pack from EA, it has more items, clothing and even hair than a regular Stuff Pack, from the live chat on 12 April I have to agree that a “Mega Pack” is a good way to describe it.
In the community when this pack was announced, it was not well received. Of course there are fans but they were overshadowed by (loud) people who were clearly not fans. Even I  was skeptical when I saw the candy-land pictures, I like my games as “normal” as is possibly in the Sims and not crazy cutesy sweet! With thanks to EA UK, BlackGarden and I got the opportunity to review this pack. So for this review we set ourselves 5 different goals when it comes to furniture to showcase how many different ways the Sweet Treats items can be used. First and most important one was to take a normal house from Sunset Valley and refurbish it with as much Sweet Treats furniture I can put in there and have it still look moderately normal. Second goal was to have a house with statement pieces like Jennifer Lane mentioned she does in one of the live chats, 3rd goal was to make a gingerbread house (Hansel and Gretel style!) using the buildmode objects that come with this pack. 4th goal was to actually make a cutesy candyland house and 5th goal was to have Sinfully Sweet house like King mentioned in our interview with him and Jennifer.
I was surprised to find how many of the objects really fitted into my style of play, and I was even more surprised to find a couple of items of “must have” formal wear inside. But the real strength of this pack, in my opinion, is how great the content is to mix and match with your other expansion packs. In particular, Showtime and Late Night, but I also think there’s a huge potential for this content to be fantastic for the upcoming Supernatural expansion pack.
The first goal, a normal house.
This goal was challenging, took me longer than expected, the main snag that I hit was that some parts of the Sweet Treats furniture is not recolorable, mainly the red ‘cherries’ on top and while I did my best the banana couch is going to be something wacky!
See the result here: 
However, the item I am just completely in love with has to be patio lounge chair, I can see that in every house I have from now on. Even though its called Cotton Candy Lounge Chair, you can very easily turn it to a normal chair. Another item I am very pleased with is the cupcake chair, the standard Sweet Treats colors make it look like well… a cupcake but I changed it to a much more sleek/fancy looking chair… with a cherry on top.

Second goal, statement house
The next goal was to have a storytellers house using the Sweet Treats item as ‘statement’ pieces as Jennifer Lane had mentioned she has done several times so far, this story is written and the house made by @shoeprozac. See the story here and the full house. 

Album: Statement house
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Dubois House with Sweet Treats
Last Updated Jun 25 2012 04:47 PM

It is almost a normal house with 3 areas of Sweet Treats statements, the very extreme gallery, the icecream ‘parlour’ in the yard and a kids bedroom. Still a very playable house imo where you do not get overwhelmed in the Sweet Treats Candy. 
Third goal, gingerbread house
The third way was a gingerbread/fairy tale type house, imagine Hansel and Gretel! You can make that with this pack! This is a basic house as BlackGarden’s house-building skills are basic, but you can see that there are a lot of buildmode objects that you can use for your game, with the upcoming Supernatural expansion pack we can see an evil witch living in this house. 

Album: Gingerbread House
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Gingerbread house with Sweet Treats
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Fourth and fifth goal, cutesy candy or sinfully sweet
When it comes to creating the ultimate “sinfully sweet” look, swap out the cute pinks and whites for dark reds or purples with black in Create-A-Style. Some of the clothes and objects really leant themselves to this kind of treatment.
For the ultimate “sinfully sweet” look, grab the dress that has a slit most of the way up the leg, and put some of the stockings from the Late Night expansion pack on. BlackGarden contrasted this “sinfully sweet” look with the over the top “cutesy candy” that’s the default for the content in this pack, all in one house, and the result is below.

Cutesy Cute or Sinfully Sweet
Last Updated Jun 25 2012 08:57 PM

So we have shown you just five ways to use the objects in your house, and do remember there are 55 objects in this pack! Personally I am not a fan of every object, but I can see a way of using them in a pretty way for every object. And of course the community might fix some ‘cherry on top’ problems ;-)
Now lets discuss clothes and hair!
The amount of clothes in this pack is overwhelming, all inspired by Katy Perry’s tour and video outfits and we never had this much hair in a non-expansion pack
The hairs are quite… out there. They are not hairs you will use in a normal household, but there are some nice details in for example the icecream tiara has really nice soft curls towards the end – maybe the community will remove the tiara for us? 

Album: Sweet Treats Hair
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The clothes are amazing and very very detailed. There is everything from really wacky to a simple sexy dress to a cute t-shirt! 

Album: Sweet Treats Clothes
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All in all, this pack is much better than I expected it to be! The objects are very versatile, even with ‘cherry’ details that cannot be removed it can very easily work in a normal house. The clothes are just gorgeous and the hair is quite wacky but if you like that you will adore these. If you have Showtime and you’re looking for new clothing for your performers, you’ll definitely find the outfits and hairstyles in this pack really useful. And if you want to build a gingerbread house for your evil witch in the upcoming Supernatural expansion pack, you will find the perfect content in the Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats pack!

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