Let’s all be Mayor Recaps

Last week there were 7 days of poeople playing SimCity and streaming it live with user input on what to do, these are good videos if you are in still in doubt about buying the game.

Disaster City

Full 4h recap: http://letsallbemayor.com/en/event/disaster-city#recap

Casino City

Full 4h recap: http://letsallbemayor.com/en/event/casino-city#recap

Going Green

Full 4h recap: http://letsallbemayor.com/en/event/going-green#recap

City In The Shape Of

Full 4h recap: http://letsallbemayor.com/en/event/city-in-the-shape-of#recap

Burn Some Coal

Full 4h recap: http://letsallbemayor.com/en/event/burn-some-coal#recap

City on the Brink

Full 4h recap: http://letsallbemayor.com/en/event/city-on-the-brink#recap

4 Cities in 4 Hours


Full 4h recap: http://letsallbemayor.com/en/event/4-cities-4-hours#recap


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