Life of the Party Challenge!

Written by sww
In one of our many conversations at Platinum Simmers we were wondering: is it possible to earn enough Simoleons to live and furnish an entire house just from hosting Social Events? The Sims version of a Socialite.

If you host a good social event, you earn rewards (furniture) in The Sims 4. To earn money you can then sell the furniture and buy better furniture or pay the bills.

So we bring you the Life of the Party Challenge!


The goal is to get the best/most expensive items for your Sims’ house!

  • Best Bed – Princess Cordelia’s Galleon Bed: 12.000
  • Best Sofa – Captain Rodrigo De Pablo Couch: 1.200
  • Best Dining Table – The Cornucopia: 1.500
  • 6 Best Dining Chairs – Arrrmed Dining Chair: 900×6: 5400
  • Best Shower – Crystal Box Shower Stall: 1.315
  • Best Tub – Jet Set Luxury Bath: 12.000
  • Best Toilet – Sweet Escape Country Toilet: 1.800
  • Best Bar – Bless me Barrrrnacles Bar: 1.645
  • Best TV – GeniusVision Wall-Mount TV: 3.500
  • Best Stereo – The LandLord Whisperer: 1.880 (hint: This is a gold reward for the house party)
  • Best Fridge – The Schmapple Fridge: 14.000
  • Best Stove – The Schmapple Stove: 13.000
  • Best Coffeemaker – 365

In total you will have to earn 69.605 Simoleons just with hosting parties, good luck!

While my decoration skills are not good, this is the result of my challenge:
11-01-14_11-59 AM

  • Can sell rewards you earn from parties
  • Sims are not allowed to have a job
  • Not allowed to use skills to earn money
  • Has to be a single household during the challenge, sorry not allowed a co-host 😉

Feel free to have aging off during this challenge, not a rule more of a preference.

Rewards and Difficulties


  • Dates are the easiest social event, the gold reward is a bucket of flowers (worth 245), can help you get started.
  • Dinner Parties are easy but only give you a Coffee maker (worth 210).
  • House Parties are difficult but give you a stereo (worth 1880) as a gold reward
  • Black and White Bash* is probably the most difficult, they give you a piano for a gold reward (1415 Simoleons)
  • Incognito Costume Parties* have the best reward, the value is 5200 Simoleons.

* Black  & White Bash and Incognito Costume Parties come with the Origin Up All Night Digital Content for The Sims 4.

I would not use Birthdays or Weddings for this challenge, as these age up your Sim or give them a spouse.

  • Start small with dates or a dinner party, the other parties requires objects like card tables, stereos and a bar.
  • Work on your cooking and mixology skills, they are needed!
  • Preparation is the key! You can prepare food but do the actual baking/cooking during the party to reach the goal.
  • Same goes with drinks, you can make these beforehand. Getting Sims to drink them isn’t easy though.
  • While you cannot have a spouse, a romantic interest can definitely help during a house party! Some of the goals want you to flirt with another Sim.
  • The Party Animal aspiration helps a lot! The perfect host trait it gives has every party start at a bronze level, it makes parties a lot easier.
  • Even though you cannot earn money with painting, you can use the emotional paintings to force your Sims to have a certain mood. Especially during houseparties you will get goals that 4 Sims need to be playful or Flirty, very hard to do that without paintings.

Let us know what you think of this challenge! Too difficult, too easy? Would you change anything about it?

Also share the pictures of your progress and your finished party house!

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