Live Broadcast Summary

Here we will post the summary for the upcoming Live broadcast, anything marked with a ?? is a pure guess on our part.

The Sims 3 70s, 80s & 90s Stuff Pack

Cool facepaint! Lightning strike, bat facepaint

disco outfit
rocker vest
Snake pants, each leg can be colored differently
Grunge outfit, comfort/baggy clothes
parachute pants

sexy disco suit
80s workout outfits!
leapoard dress
fun buttons on a top
necklace on a top
comfort grunge clothes too, little ripped, little torn. Some with graphics
Many female outfits!
Freezerbunny shirt in one of them

New male moustache!
2 new male hair
2 new female hair, 2 more with accessoires!

Vintage tv
disco ball
disco tiles
new lounge chair
cassette tapes in the new wall unit! (80s)
new sofa, desk and lamps (80s)
new paintings, one of them looks like a movie poster from the 70s
fooseball table
sectional sofas
new guitar
new rug
new arcade machine – with freezerbunny!
new stereo

exclusive pinball machine

The Sims 3 University Life

New social groups give a lot of new interactions/gameplay. Not like celebrities.

Before Uni
Aptitude test, shows you what degree is a good idea (??)
Enroll using the phone
5 Majors, including communications, science and 3 more.
University is a new world, with a loading screen. Like a World adventures world.
Young adult to elder can go to uni.

Dorm & Houses
Can dorm it up, rent a house (no need to buy!)
Can join a sororityor fraternity
Can customize your room before moving in, edit town, or just use build/buy while in game
Claim bed in your dorm. Does not mean you are alone in a room!
Can build new dorms using edit town.
Unused room in a (rented) home can give you a roommate to help pay the bills.

Uni World
Makeout point.
Hobbyshop for the nerds
Bar for the jocks
Student union, with an orientation at noon first day.

New Objects
Academic booth, get freebies, meet professors?
Photo booth
Barista bar, energy bar or snack or herbal teas
New woohoo spots, in the hidden bed for example
Bowling Alley
Pingpong table
Fruit Juice keg stand
New Bedrooms, including disappearing bed

New Interactions and gameplay
Dumpster jumping?
Can get dream job through networking in the social groups.
Can influence your roommate to do the cooking/cleaning/etc, needs a good relationship.
Spray painting on the walls
School cheer
Two new party types, juice keg party (??) and bonfire.
Sketching pad
Juicer Keg stand
Big bonfire
Throw a firework, stinkbomb?? on the bonfire that makes it have green fumes and sparkles
Smart phone pictures can be put on the wall
Streaking is back!
New Lifetime Rewards
New trait slot that you can earn from the degree
3 new skills, including street art, science skill, social networking skill
New smartphones
Group science project
Degrees will benefit careers, jump start for example

Socially awkward
Avant Garde trait (unique taste on art)

Jock type attire
Nerdy clothes
dressier student clothes

4 new female hairs (maybe more)
4 new male hairs (not sure about accessories)

Party bundle
includes a statue that allows you to throw great parties!
togas, mood boost

New Contest
Inspiring Creativity Contest
Win a trip to the sims studio!
USA & Canada residents only

The Sims 3 Island Paradise
June 2013
Brand new expansion pack, currently in development.
Create your own version of Island Paradise
Travel with your Sims on boats!
Live on real houseboats!
Scuba diving, new collectibles! Explore underwater!
Can build resorts, new system with business decisions!

Travel into the future Expansion Pack
Some time after June.

Stuff Pack
Iconic Movie things.

Intro video coming soon

Origin Mystery Item
Plumbob fountain

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