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This weeks blog is definitely worth reading, many details are mentioned, we highlight some small parts from it here

Region maps


You’ll have several Region Map options to choose from. Some that may only have 2 city slots available to them and some that can have as many as 16, and everything in between. The city location you choose can have a number of terrain formations and resources available to choose from. There are mountainous city locations rich with resources, like coal, ore, and oil. There are ones filled with water or wind. Others have many access points like rivers, bays, rails that run through, or large highways that connect them to the region. The conditions in each starting location will heavily influence the shape of your city, by supporting some industries to thrive and others to be less successful. We wanted to make sure there were plenty of options and a broad landscape for fans to be inspired by and create.



All of the core systems are shared, including Fire Service, Crime, Police Coverage, Medical Coverage, Garbage/Recycling, Classrooms, all Public Transportation, Air Pollution, Water, Power, Sewage, and Sewage Treatment. Players have more direct control over where they send their services. We designed this system from the point of view of the player who is investing in a particular type of city. For example, if one player decides to build Fire Stations to protect not only their city, but their neighbors as well, they should have the right to decide where to send their coverage. In the case of fire, a player can assign individual fire trucks and helicopters to serve specific cities. Just because they assign a vehicle to serve another city doesn’t mean they lose coverage in their own. This is asynchronous gameplay, so one fire engine can service both cities. The player receiving coverage will see fire engines come from their neighbor whenever there is a fire in their city. The player giving the coverage will earn money for each fire they put out. Systems that have capacity, like a police station, will bring criminals back to house them in jail cells. If those jail cells are full, they will be released into your city, which is an unexpected way to share criminals. The simulation extends beyond your city borders. Are you starting to get it?

And Great Works


Great Works are the crowning achievement for any region, a major late game reward. These are large collaborative civil engineering projects, where multiple cities can work together to complete. In turn, they give a benefit to the cities connected to it. These include things like the Solar Farm that produces enough power to sustain a group of cities. It will also create jobs, which gives an economic boost to any city. We’ve left it wide open, and know players will come up with their own goals for how they want to play.

Full blog: http://www.simcity.c…ulti-city-scale

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