Maxis Live Broadcast – Info Bullet Points

This article will be updated during the chat and after with all the new info we get! Later on I will clean it up making it more readable :)
The text that ends with a ?? is a personal question, not a fact! For a lot of screengrabs, our friends at @sim_cookie have a lot of them here: http://www.simcookie…ns-70-captures/

The Sims 3 Seasons
– Aliens blog on the official site: http://www.thesims3….l?blogid=459347
– Aliens are different than sims 2, they have more powers!
– Aliens have a probe that can tickle,
– Powers include: drain motives from other Sims and boost their own, can transmute objects to make for instance a gem better
– Aliens have UFOs
– UFOs can hover in the sky, other Sims look at it and it can attack lots with lasers – new death??
– The UFOs first show as special sparklinkg lights in the sky that Sims are attracted too, then they are abducted
– Both female and male Sims can get pregnant from an abduction. (every single time or is it random??)
– Adding an Alien to your family is not as hard as adding a Unicorn!


.@swwSims It's not too bad – you form a relationship with an alien until they'll accept an invite to join your household, either as friends or through a relationship. The trickiest part there is finding an alien in your world in the first place! Or have your sims woohoo with an alien and simply give birth to one ;) RT @swwSims@SimGuruGraham is adding an alien to your household as challenging as a unicorn?


New interactions, items and general stuff
– Sims bring their own food to parties
– Not all trees change color or lose their leaves, just like in RL!
– There are many of pile of leaves, you can woohoo in a big pile
– several new woohoo spots leaf pile 'just one of the new places
– bee and shark costume are new costumes that your sim can get if you pre-order with origin
– moonlight will have a completely different festival setting than sunset valley, with EP specific objects
– reward for pie-eating contest is a week of all the pies you can eat.
– some of the items you can buy on the festival lots with festival tickets that you win in the events, I imagine this is like World Adventures gold coins.
– thunderstorms are dangerous!
– festival lots will be available on store worlds.
– can get tans in the summer or tanning booth, watch out for failures!
– polar bear club, jump in the sea/lake in the winter and get a polar bear club moodlet, protects you from frost
– new plants which gives new foodtypes, can protect them in the winter in a greenhouse ( using supernaturals planters function)
– diving boards, can make a cannon for a big splash and the splash makes Sims nearby wet.
– outerwear protects from weather, but can also hurt if you wear too warm clothes int he summer or not enough clothes in the winter.
– best spring activity: kissing booth

Weather Stone – needs Supernatural Installed
– weather stone, magical object that supernaturals can interact with, brand new weather that you cannot get any other way.
– Weather stone will show up randomly somewhere in your world.
– sucess rate of the weather appearing depends on how many supernaturals summon the weather.
– blueprint mode, will be available in the patch, will be able to place pre-built room.
– in sunlit tides you will be able to swim to new islands (with seasons patch installed)
– new sports, like football/soccer

The Sims 3 Official Magazine
– Digital magazine
– Will be available on iOS and Android
– Free

The Sims 3 Monte Vista
– beautiful bright and sun kissed world
– Walled in city, it looks to me like Sienna or Bergamo in Italy
– Premium content: woodfire oven – improves cooking skill and new recipes (including pizza, lasagna, calzones!!)
– available this winter (2012)

The Sims 70s, 80s, 90s Stuff pack
– January 2013
– taking it back to yesteryear
– iconic looks
– white collar jacket
– boombox stereo
– chic grunge apparel

The Sims 3 University sneaky announcement

– Finalized city size: medium city size, the game itself is more in depth. focus is really on having more cities at the same time.
– Factories generate illness and injuries
– Can plob new modules next to buildings to make them better, or decorate, can customize what a building looks like with this.
– Lots of small sound effects as you move along the city.
– Cities are in a region, power/water/services (garbage/firemen/etc) are shared.
– Share airport, much more to do at region/multiplaying level.
– For people prefer solo, you can play an entire region solo, there will still be leaderboards.
– You can control all the cities in a region and use those cities to complete great works (international airports)
– Terraforming was cut, its an added challenge to work with the existing terrain.
– There is water in the game, also cliffs and hills
– Cities suffer from polution or crime that created by other cities in that region
– You can take over a city when somebody abandons a city
– Boats, trains, busses are all in the game!
– Bus station can be upgraded with garages, which adds more busses to your city
– If you have a big bus station (for example) it can help with tourism to other cities
– No news about the beta.
– It is not a simple game, easy to understand but still a challenge to play! Lots of stats shown visually instead of spreadsheet.
– Pre order simcity and get a The Sims 3 themed object for SimCity!