Name vote! – Community Stuff pack

It’s decision time! A name will be chosen for the Community Stuff pack, so we can all stop calling it Community Stuff pack.
The developers have already gone through a selection process and narrowed the options down to a short list.

Get your vote out here:

The name tells a lot about the content of a pack. For Toddler stuff it was very clear what it was about, same with Perfect Patio.
That is one of the reasons why there was a pre-selection of pack names and names like “Player Choice stuff” and “Stuffy McStuff Pack” didn’t make the cut.
Although Stuff McStuff pack does fit the humour The Sims has!

Look at all those nice items that will come with this pack! Lots of stuff to explore! Have fun picking a name for it!
For the full blog by SimguruGraham, link here

Author: Lebanna

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