The Sims 4

New ages in The Sims 4?

Written by Annabelli_22

On the forums, Billycraignotley has shared findings in the text files of The Sims 4. One of them being ‘unsupported age’ between baby and child. This could mean the toddlers are making a return. But this could also be a left over string from earlier developing stages. So we are being cautious with being excited! (But we are still excited)

Though not only have they found one, they have also found 2! Yes, 2! Husseinandali showed a screenshot of 2 unknown age slots in Sims 4 Studio (Sims 4 studio is a program used to make CC).

Keep an eye on this forum thread to read more.
For now, we will curiously await official news and really hope for a return of toddlers!


Thanks to Cinderellimouse for sharing the link

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