New DLC for SimCity

Insure your city so when disasters strike you do not immediately go bankrupt!

Ensure your Sims are protected with the Progressive Office. This free content allows you to build a Progressive Office to buy insurance in the event of a disaster. Natural disaster hit your city? No worries! If you’ve purchased insurance, you’ll receive a much-needed payment. Feel better knowing you can recover quicker from catastrophes.

5-11-progressiveQ: What does the Progressive Office do?

A: Not only does the Progressive Office make shopping Sims happy, but it also allows you to buy insurance for all the buildings you’ve plopped in your city. Adjust your coverage rate to customize how much you receive in the wake of a disaster. Progressive Cars will assess claims at any city buildings that have turned to rubble.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The Progressive Office is free.

Q: How do I get the Progressive Office in my game?

A: There are three ways to get the Progressive Office:
• SimCity Launcher: Click the Progressive advertisement and it will take you to the SimCity Origin DLC page to download.
• SimCity In-Game Billboard: Click the billboard on the Menu screen and it will take you to the SimCity Origin DLC page using the in-game online browser.
• Origin Online Store Page: Visit the Origin Store Page and click on the Progressive Office to download.

Q: Once I download the Progressive Office, where do I find it?

A: You will find the Progressive Office in the Fire Menu in City View.

Q: Is the Progressive Office available worldwide?

A: Yes.

Source: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9786585.page#30652014

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