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Patch Day! – 30 August Patch adds New Scenarios, many bug fixes

Written by deagh

Sul Sul Simmers and Happy Patch Day!  A patch was released today with some needed bug fixes, and also three new Welcome Scenarios!

Welcome Scenarios

These scenarios have premade households and are more complex than previous scenarios.

Bug fixes!

So many bug fixes!  You can see a full list here.  There’s a long list of fixes for High School Years – one I’m especially happy with is that phone use idle animations have been reduced.  I get what they were trying to do here – show that Sims are as attached to their phone just like we are, but it really was excessive.  Hopefully this tuning will make it look a bit more reasonable.  Teens will still use the phone more often, which also fits.

Many of the Base Game fixes involve Scenarios, which makes sense given that three new Scenarios were released with this patch.  There’s also a Plant Sim fix  and some pronoun fixes both for base game and for Vampires and Parenthood.

Dream Home Decorator has a big fix – Sims can now add rooms for the Room Addition Gigs!  I had actually stopped playing this career because I’d forget that wasn’t working and take a Room Addition gig and then not be able to complete it.  My own fault for forgetting, of course, but it was still frustrating.

Mods and CC Disabled on Startup

As with most patches, mods and custom content have been disabled.  You can re-enable them in Game Options – Other.  If you have mods and CC, before re-enabling your mods and CC please check in with the creators to ensure that they have either updated their files or have verified that no update is needed.

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